1. Most stores won't let you refund it there but if you contact ocs directly they will most likely give you a refund or send you a new product

  2. If a store does not take back a leaky cart in that type of State I wouldn't shop there again

  3. Maple syrup or marshmallow or grape, too many to choose from probably maple syrup tho

  4. The song is mostly talking about butts, but it also mentions boobs a few times.

  5. If you say so. Rolling Stone reader voting identified it as one of the most annoying songs of all time. Some people like it, though, it sold enough copies to go double platinum.

  6. Black eyed peas could sell shit on a stick and people would buy it back when my humps came out

  7. I do what you do, just at night and when no one's in the house

  8. Oh I would love to see what you put in your body on a weekly basis. I'm sure your body Is a temple riiiiight.

  9. FYI when I sold cannabis plenty of girls offered to suck my dick for weed, I had a girlfriend so I refused.

  10. I knew posting this on Reddit would make others cry, itโ€™s alright Iโ€™m just telling you the truth.

  11. The most beautiful part of the trials here is the trail by omeshel field going to cranberry trail

  12. Try CBD Runtz next time by Orchid. Much better for a CBD flower

  13. I actually did next time! Everyone is so snotty here, thanks for a supportive comment

  14. The issue with adding a humidity pack is sure it's cheap for us to grab one and keep it for months but for a company tossing it into the bag would up the cost a minimum of 3 or 4 dollars for a boveda and a bit less for integra.

  15. How would it be more expensive for the company when buying humidity pack in bulk?

  16. Well I learned something new about dry herb vapes today, thanks!

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