1. I super skeptical of this whole thing at first, thought it was just a way for the big dogs to dump it as soon as they make a quick buck. But after doing some heavy DD, I'm starting to see that Hamilton is really trying to make a change here. I put in a small position. I'm feeling pretty confident we're gonna see a huge payoff like GME.

  2. Looking like a special dividend is coming to per his tweets last night.

  3. Yeah what’s up with this. Was going to buy when it hit $3 today but apparently I missed that.

  4. Watching GNS again. Had a good scalp on it today, may try for more tomorrow.

  5. I mean if finra doesn’t respond to the roza in the timeline set by the judge trading could restart based off of that judges order. And they haven’t responded yet. So honestly maybe.

  6. I guess the community has turned on @AlexDamsker for not agreeing with the possibility of MMTLP trading again. I believe she also stated this could take years to resolve.

  7. This is the right answer. She basically said it won’t trade again which is the exact opposite of what Andrew has been saying so he got pissed and left. The truth is Alex is right … there is no legal mechanism for it to start trading again unless 1) a court says so or 2) NBH files to have it trading.

  8. He didn’t leave. They blocked him and took his mic. Alex has been creating a divide in the community and was attention seeking. Andrew deserves more.

  9. Sorry friend … she’s been answering questions and people sometimes don’t like the answers she giving.

  10. I’m thinking it gets jacked down today. I’ll be watching closely all day for an entry point.

  11. I finally made a Twitter screen shot 😂😂😂😂😂

  12. It would be nice but until that amount starts showing up in the larger US BD’s I would take it with a take it with a grain of salt friend.

  13. BR would be problematic and likely tank the stock … IMHO.

  14. Agreed. To much emphasis put in this and it’s likely nothing more then one broker doing something in their system. I’d feel much differently if it were multiple BD’s

  15. That they saw the same thing in their account on the same broker you have.

  16. ok i see what you mean. Do you have a link to that post also?

  17. Honestly … it’s on Twitter. I just saw a few more posts about it all from the same broker.

  18. Someone needs to make a serious meme out of this.

  19. If they believed it was going BR they most certainly wouldn’t be “short covering”.

  20. Not FUD … but it wasn’t a “counter” to FINRAs argument. It was a request for the judge to reconsider his denial of the TRO she requested. She will still have to contend with FINRAs Motion to Dismiss the Complaint. They haven’t filed that yet.

  21. There ya go. Read her document, references the 9th. What happened on the 9th? Had to be something…. No where had I seen that her request for relief was denied. Not surprised, cause I could see daylight in that one. Awesome that she is fighting the good fight. She does have some good solid arguments in her present request.

  22. It’s in the first sentence friend - not specifically stated though admittedly. It was denied on 1/9/23 - the motion filed was to amend or alter that Order. It was just the TRO that was denied.

  23. Amateur. I try to pick out the thumbnail with the most surprised face for my info

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