1. I'd avoid an adapter plate like the plague. The Dagger™ Compact RMR Cut is extremely shallow at only 0.103" deep. A adapter plate will likely be thicker than the RMR Cut is deep. An adapter plate is an added point of failure. And the backup iron sights needed to yield lower one-third co-witness with a Vortex Venom sitting on an adapter plate in the shallow RMR Cut will be extremely tall.

  2. Like you, I have seen very few posts across Reddit, ARFCOM, GlockTalk, PSA Dagger™ forum, and PSA Dagger™ Facebook groups involving the Dagger™ Compact X slide assembly. I can only conclude the Dagger™ Compact X slide assembly hasn't been terribly well-received.

  3. I’m very new to guns and haven’t looked into pistols much yet, although that’s my next purchase I think, if you buy the complete frames do you just need to then buy the complete slide assembly with barrel and have a fully working pistol? Been trying to decide between a “reputable” well known pistol or going the dagger route.

  4. Yes. In addition to a barrel, the complete Dagger™ slide assembly includes a recoil spring assembly. A magazine is not included with Dagger™ frames sold à la carte.

  5. PSA should have listed it as the "Zahoopie Deal of the Day".

  6. In the SHOT Show 2022 timeframe (last year), PSA said the Dagger™ Micro magazine would drop in the second half of April 2022. PSA acknowledged several delays throughout the year. On December 9, PSA announced the Dagger™ Micro MRDS-cut slide assembly and magazine would drop "around SHOT Show". Only five weeks later at SHOT Show, PSA was saying the schedule has slipped yet again. From the detailed SHOT Show pictures of the Dagger™ Micro magazine, it would appear to be a prototype at this point. We may be in for a wait.

  7. I believe in a shot show 2023 interview I saw they said 2023 Q2-Q3 for the mags and Q3-Q4 for the gun.

  8. Someone needs to convince Warhorse Holsters to update their product description to denote Dagger™ Compact and Dagger™ Full Size - S. Of course, there's also currently a Dagger™ Compact X and Dagger™ Full Size - SX. Shortly, we'll have a Dagger™ Micro and Dagger™ Micro X. It will become increasing more confusing simply to refer to their holster as "Dagger".

  9. Good lookin out bro. Im definitely gonna grab one. Got another dagger build coming soon.

  10. Here are some pictures of the GG Magwells Dagger™ Compact magwell in the wild if you're interested ...

  11. The same magwell won't be compatible with both the Dagger™ Compact and Full Size - S frames. There are two 3D-printed magwells, a polymer magwell (GG Magwells), and a black anodized aluminum (SLR Rifleworks) magwell for the Dagger™ Compact frame. There is a 3D-printed magwell and a black anodized aluminum (SLR Rifleworks) magwell for the Dagger™ Full Size - S frame. I can get you the specifics if you're interested.

  12. The Dagger™ Micro and Micro X are G43X and G48 "clones", respectively. Unlike the Dagger™ Compact for which the G19 gen3 patents have expired, the G43X and G48 involve active Glock patents (I think this is the most exciting part). PSA reversed-engineered as many OEM Glock G43X/G48 parts as possible. However, PSA had to work around Glock patents with a few parts. Most important, the Dagger™ Micro and Micro X slide assemblies and frame are compatible with OEM Glock G43, G43X, and G48 frames and slide assemblies. The Dagger™ Micro and Micro X will be compatible with G43X and G48 holsters, respectively. Unlike an OEM Glock G43X and G48 MOS slide, the Dagger™ Micro and Micro X slides will directly accept a Holosun HS407/507K-X2 (in addition to MRDS's compatible with the OEM Glock Slimline MOS RMSc footprint). Unlike the OEM Glock G43, G43X and G48, PSA has said the Dagger™ Micro and Micro X will be offered with a threaded barrel. You'd expect the Dagger™ Micro and Micro X to be offered in black (DLC) and flat dark earth, gray, and sniper green Cerakote with frames to match. At SHOT Show 2022 (last year), the Dagger™ Micro debuted with a Trijicon RMRcc rear iron sight forward. Not sure if that's still in the works. And, of course, the Dagger™ Micro and Micro X will be sold with a 15-round hybrid polymer/steel G43X/G48 magazine which is compatible with the OEM polymer magazine release. Very existing indeed!

  13. Well, there's always a dovetail mount. Avoid a dovetail mount like the plague.

  14. This is probably at shot show. I don’t think magazines are allowed to be in the display guns. Also most people aren’t really interested in it.

  15. I guarantee, far more people are interested in the Dagger™ Micro 15-round G43X/G48 magazine than in the Dagger™ Micro pistol itself.

  16. I’m interested in the mags and kinda interested in the frame.

  17. Yup. Some people will want the frame in order to add an accessory rail to a non-MOS OEM Glock G43X or G48 slide assembly. Some people will want the MRDS-cut slide in order to add an optic to a non-MOS OEM Glock G43X or G48 frame. However, just about everyone will want a Dagger™ Micro magazine if it proves to be as reliable and durable as an OEM Glock magazine. That's a big "if".

  18. This is a common problem with the Dagger™. All of the Dagger™ firing pins break in the exact same way. You can replace the Dagger™ firing pin with an OEM Glock G19 gen3 firing pin. Another popular option is the Overwatch Precision stainless steel NP3 firing pin (p/n 681193).

  19. You're absolutely correct. The Dagger™ Compact firing pin is proprietary. The tip of the firing pin that extends through the breech face is wider. For this reason, the Dagger™ Compact firing pin will not work with an OEM Glock or aftermarket G19 gen3 slide. However, an OEM Glock or aftermarket firing pin intended for a G19 gen3 will work with the Dagger™ Compact slide.

  20. Purchase the compact dagger with an optic cut so that you have a mag included. Then purchase the full size frame with the compact x slide assembly so that you have all the currently possible dagger configurations covered when you purchase some 17 round pmags

  21. I think this is the best answer. Specifically, you're after,

  22. When the Dagger™ Micro debuted at SHOT Show 2022 (last year), PSA said the base model would be $299.99. In other words, it's the same price as the Dagger™ Compact. However, I'm getting the sense the Dagger™ Micro will only be offered with an MRDS cut. Again, I would expect a Dagger™ Micro with an MRDS cut to be comparable in price to a Dagger™ Compact with an MRDS cut ... in the $349.99 range as

  23. That looks like it’s 3D printed and smoothed. Which means we’re still in the prototype stage.

  24. All of the prototype Dagger™ frames at SHOT Show are 3D-printed. PSA uses SLS rather than FDM. There’s nothing to smooth. Actually, SLS appears lightly textured. I don’t know about the Micro Dagger™ magazine. It looks like crap. SLS would look better than that. Definitely a prototype of some sort.

  25. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I'm not sure what to believe at this point when it comes to the Micro Dagger™. From the detailed pictures and videos of the Micro Dagger™ magazine coming out of SHOT Show, it would almost appear to be a prototype. 😢

  26. Ope! I’d read about that a bit, but wasn’t sure. Still cool to what is probably going to be the production model in this video. It is annoying how long they take to bring announced products to market.

  27. Obviously, the Micro Dagger™ magazine is presenting PSA with far more challenges than expected. The Micro Dagger™ magazine was originally slated to drop in the second half of April. Designing and manufacturing a magazine which increases capacity by 50% while maintaining the reliability of an OEM Glock magazine isn't easy.

  28. By the way, they didn't demo the Dagger™ Full Size - L (G17) in the video. 🤔

  29. I'm not sure what you mean by "now". From the picture of the Micro Dagger™ frame at the top of this thread, you can see the magazine release is ambidextrous.

  30. Compact dagger doesn't have Ambi mag.. wondering if it's going to be a standard feature moving forward

  31. No. The Micro Dagger™ and Micro Dagger™ X are G43X and G48 clones, respectively. An OEM Glock G43X/G48 frame has an ambidextrous magazine release. Consequently, the Micro Dagger™ frame has an ambidextrous magazine release. The Dagger™ Compact is an OEM Glock G19 gen3 clone. An OEM Glock G19 gen3 doesn't have an ambidextrous magazine release.

  32. I’ll wait till I pick up the S Frame before I do the trigger, magwell isn’t comfortable with the 19 size

  33. You'll need a new magwell with the Dagger™ Full Size - S frame. 😥

  34. SLR Rifleworks makes a magwell for the Dagger™ Full Size - S frame. I have a couple of them. I'm just pointing out that it's different than the SLR Rifleworks Dagger™ Compact magwell.

  35. GG polymer magwell vs SLR Rifleworks *unboxing & install*

  36. GG Magwells just sold out of the Dagger™ Compact magwell (again). However, they're currently accepting backorders for magwells that will ship January 23,

  37. PSA started polishing the Dagger™ trigger bar one year ago. I would think (not sure) they started polishing the connector around the same time.

  38. Yes, lower parts are fully compatible. The striker is slightly larger at just the tip, so it won’t work in non dagger slides.

  39. I thought the trigger pin was also slightly different size wise, like the striker? As I thought this came up when Daggers initially had issues with pins walking out.

  40. Correct. PSA redesigned the trigger pin, making the notches both wider and deeper, in an attempt to fix the walking trigger pin issue.

  41. Just a minor note ... the Micro Dagger™ (G43X "clone") 15-round polymer magazine is a G43X/G48 magazine. PSA hasn't announced a G43 frame or magazine, yet. However, SHOT Show is next week. You never know. 😮

  42. No chance of returning the Riton and buying a Holosun HS407/507C-X2?

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