she's doing more nights!

I don't need it, I don't even necessarily want it, but I've got some cash to burn so I'm gonna get it.

  1. They seriously need to delay the capital one pre sale until this gets sorted out. Ridiculous and it’s probably going to get 100x worse at 2pm

  2. Okay so I’m in the queue (2000+ people in front of me RIP) but it never asked for my code? Does it only ask for the code when you purchase?

  3. Idiotic as hell. Often enough WS teams get gutted. It's about the current season, not the previous one.

  4. No no no, you bring back the roster of the previous WS team. regardless of what team they're on now

  5. It was only four years ago there was talk about Texas becoming a purple state with Beto within swinging distance of Ted Cruz. People underestimate Abbott as a politician, but there are plenty of other offices that are well contested if we want to invest the time and money.

  6. I'm legit so scared, and I didn't get a boost because I don't live in the US so it's difficult for me to purchase merch and if I purchase digital singles I can't download them :(

  7. Dusty is now managing differently than he had all regular season that made our bullpen so successful. I don’t like it.

  8. That's what you have to do in the postseason to be successful. He left Verlander in yesterday like it was the regular season.

  9. are you in the stadium? otherwise idk how you can make the assumption, fox is going to commercial as soon as they can

  10. Good news for him, only two MLB stadiums currently conducting MLB games.

  11. Joe Buck won me over with the call for Brantley's diving catch double play in the ALCS.

  12. It was Maldonado's** strike em out, throw em out "time to stretch" call for me

  13. Wonder if Rizzo is a FA. He’d look good in an Astros uni

  14. Next thing you know they'll be swatting the ball out of the glove like Arod. Fuck the yankees

  15. It used to be... In the 1990s, every game was on NBC over the air... But it wasn't perfect. As a result, there were a lot more day games to make the scheduling fit.

  16. i think the idea would be 4pm/5pm start times. not 1pm start times. that way even a 6 hour game still ends before midnight

  17. Some of you have never heard the commissioner call the Commissioner's Trophy a piece of metal and it shows

  18. Some of you have never heard the commissioner call the Commissioner's Trophy a piece of metal and it shows

  19. What do either of those acronyms mean and what’s the difference between them

  20. Not tying to be a dick, genuinely asking because the inconsistency of soccer team names have always bugged me. But what’s even the point of adding the FC or SC? Obviously they’re a football club, theyre out there playing football. What else would they be

  21. tradition. But it is no different than the "Washington Football Team" the last two years. imagine you're in the 1880s. what are you going to call this group of players? insert name of the village you're in, followed by "Football Club"

  22. According to the terms of the deal drawn up when the Titans agreed to move here, the city is on the hook for a certain amount of money to keep the stadium “in first class condition”. For years, the Metro Sports Council has been kicking that can down the road and delaying needed repairs. At this point, Nissan is considered one of the worst stadiums in the league. In addition to general wear, tear, and needed upgrades, the concrete support system needs to be reinforced with steel. The total cost for all of us this was estimated to be about $1.8 billion. They estimated that a brand new stadium, with a domed roof, could cost only marginally more, and would institute a new agreement that would have the city no longer be on the hook for upkeep and repairs to the stadium. That sounds like a far better deal to me, and it seems the Titans, the state, and the mayor agree.

  23. Why would the Titans agree that would be better? Sounds like they are in best position they could be in right now.

  24. Yeah paid MSRP. I just didn’t like it honestly, I kept having issues and the dealership experience was very shitty each time I needed something. I went back to having a Honda and I feel much better with my choice.

  25. “And her husband/partner helped to make Austin more unaffordable than ever.”

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