1. I cant even buy the damn mouse off of max gaming. Keeps declining for some reason.

  2. Everytime i see her i think of grown up Anya from spy family.

  3. Is there a reason you wouldn’t be able to just swim back up?

  4. You probably pulled a muscle in your neck while doing a heavy movement. Happens if you accidentally overextend your neck since you can’t feel it as well while sore, it’ll go away after a couple days. If it doesn’t see a doctor.

  5. Gotcha. It was the day after shoulder day so I guess that is it. Hoping its not a pinched nerve but time will tell i guess

  6. Instead of nerfing controller for ALGS they could easily just standardize team inputs to make it more interesting. Make it mandatory to have atleast one MnK player on each team that way if people really keep switching to controller then MnK players will still be needed for ALGS

  7. Miya vs LeoN (assuming Hero is used) is gonna be quite a set indeed…

  8. He honestly should go Hero because MiYa cant read the spells. Im sure is Leon wins with Hero it will cause quite the controversy though cause I already see MiYa getting hit with a kaboom or something he doesnt see coming LOL

  9. You can tell its not Chael becauase this guy has lost a fight before while Chael is undefeated.

  10. I’d test the waters now. Talk up the 4WD for the coming snow — assuming you are somewhere that gets snow or is driving distance to a place that does, like a ski area.

  11. I live in the southeast so the snow part will be hard lol.

  12. Damn would be cooler if it was the Camry salute o7

  13. What I realized the closer you get the more frames they have. Considering how this is a fully open world game and Nintendo not using the best engine I’m not surprised. I remember Halo 5 using this technique because it has more npcs in the battlefield.

  14. Dont worry i have it in yuzu,ryujinx, and switch and it runs like shit on all of them so just get used to it lol.

  15. I used to dremmel tool my grooves on my old Taylormade irons and they worked fine for me. Had them for like 4 years and beat the shit out of them lol.

  16. Not a beginner but I don’t golf often and I’m not very consistent. But I’m trying to get more serious about it. I Shoot in the 90s rn. I have some old ping karsten irons rn and these are Ap2 714s , he’s asking for $162 plus shipping of like $30 .

  17. This is random but my dad is selling his old AP2’s and the wear looks like this. Is this on Ebay? Lol

  18. The CEO of TSM is 30, Bros barely into full puberty making million dollar moves, laughable.

  19. Dont forget his friends with benefits CEO who ran his other Hedge Fund company. Truly is one of the CEO’s of all time.

  20. If OP was 300lb then its not surprising at all. If he was eating other peoples eggs hes the asshole but if hes paying for the eggs then dude could eat a whole dozen for all I care.

  21. Most people now will take a fist bump as a replacement. Thats much simpler and most people respect it if they aren’t jerks. If you are in a small business meeting just shake the persons hand though

  22. Its crazy to me such stupid people can get so rich. The FTX CEO literally put his friends with benefits as the CEO of Alameda (FTX owned Hedge Fund). By fucking this dude she became a billionaire CEO by proxy and probably said some of the most stupid shit ever by a CEO of all time. She straight up admitted to using customers funds to fund risky bets. Fucking idiots.

  23. Interesting. I’m reading a Dave Pelz’s book and he claims that it is short game ranking that most directly aligns to money ranking

  24. Your short game/ up and down percentages dont need to be as high if you are hitting a wedge into 9 holes a round. Its much more important for Zach Johnson to have a good wedge game vs Rory since Rory probably outdrives him by close to 50 yards.

  25. I ran this with scorpion up front with badger tiger behind it and got 10 wins that way. Front or middle badger is so fun

  26. You no fill in duos or trios and leave the game right after the champion screen. After 3-5 times of doing this it resets the sbmm and you’re in a beginner lobby for a game. It’s why badges are meaningless now. Even a low gold player could drop a 3k or better on those potatoes.

  27. Ive heard this and tried it myself and this has never worked for me. Shit I have even seen masters 3 stacks as champion squad after like 6 game leaves. Think its just bs most of the time

  28. Modern UI design is the most boring thing in the world. It's all made to ensure even a basement IQ player can traverse it, making every game feel samey and allowing for barely any creativity.

  29. Unless its a CoD game in which case you need a PHD in rocket science to select what game mode you wanna play.

  30. I'm in a weird place as a golfer. I can drive the ball 280-300, and make it around a course with roughly the same score between the white and red tees. My last 2 rounds were at the same course, played the whites on my own from ~6300 and shot a 98, played with my Dad from the reds at ~5700 and shot a 96. I think it means my short game sucks.

  31. Same here brother. I hit it like 320 and im pretty sure id shoot the same from the tips as I would the shortest tees

  32. Alex will have maybe 2 seconds to land. If he does, then he’s got a chance. If not, cumshot wins inside 2 minutes.

  33. That fight will start with both of them running to the middle of the cage to walk the other one down. Alex could open with a flying knee and Khamzat could immediately shoot on him like he did on Kevin. Alex probably has a 30 second window to kill Khamzat or else he will just get wrestle fucked to a loss in the first.

  34. He walks people down standing straight up. Kinda like Sean Strickland except well you know…better

  35. Izzy should let this fight happen so Whittaker can wrestle fuck him to a victory and then Izzy just gets a easy shot at the belt again.

  36. Alex would have about 30 seconds in that fight to kill Khamzat before he gets taken down. That fight goes one round and its either by Murder or Submission.

  37. IDC what happens next but god I pray that Alex can figure out his takedown defense or he is gonna have a certain chechen knocking at his door if he gets through Izzy again.

  38. Yea this fight would have been so good to headline another card for 5 rounds.

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