1. I’m not complaining? I like the idea of strongholds and black sites but would also just like them to be more rewarding.

  2. The amount or cash you get from the chests in a stronghold is reason enough to do them.

  3. While I think that may have been interesting it wouldn’t make sense that a gas mask or durable gas mask would protect you from the sandstorm. And if they were to change the circle defence item to say a pair of goggles then we would have to have a different circle defence item for different maps. I think it’s more likely that sandstorms are added as a dynamic weather event in game, I feel like they wanted to add that at launch but ran out of time.

  4. Can we ban text posts for a while. The brain rot in here has reached new heights. Some of y’all need to touch grass

  5. Y’all need to move on. I’m fully onboard with another new show but not everything has to be frenemies 2.0. That was lightning in a bottle

  6. I mean she was always pretty behind the scenes before… so idk seems like a legit question dickhead.

  7. Sure she was pretty behind the scenes but you really think she’s gone 3 years without being on camera or being mentioned…

  8. Honestly kudos to joe for getting out of this abusive situation and making a success and family all on his own. These people look like vultures to me.

  9. I had very little faith going in to season 1 but having seen how well he handled the challenge of adapting a non narrative book into a fantastic 10 episode season, I am really looking forward to what he gives us next

  10. The measurement for blackout is definitely wrong, it’s smaller than verdansk

  11. I mean the numbers won't lie but didn't they say verdasnk was 3x the size of blackout? Must be playable area. Also blackout didn't feel big because of the fast ways to move around.

  12. Well the numbers would lie if his scaling was off. Blackout was built on a completely different engine and doesn’t share any of the same assets so making 1:1 comparisons is very complicated

  13. Be prepared to change your flair from meme to news

  14. Your hairloss is natural. Preventing it is to go against your nature. The sooner you wake up to that reality the better. Don’t waste time and money on “natural treatments”

  15. With peace and love Jeff is too hot for this audience

  16. She was so good on today. I’m happy it was just her and Jeff because on BFFFS she kept getting talked over

  17. I’m going to her show on Saturday. Speak for yourself ig 🤷‍♂️

  18. Only reason I can imagine for them wanting them in the game is to give lower skilled players a chance to feel like they’re doing something but my lower skilled friends always want to actively avoid strongholds and black sites. From what I’ve seen it’s only the highest skilled players who go for strongholds.

  19. I don’t know why he felt the need to justify himself to Hasan. Hasan doesn’t dictate what’s right and wrong online 🤷‍♂️

  20. "Hasan's not the moral compass of the internet."

  21. I just don’t think the guy who continuously defends his statement that “America deserved 9/11“ and was recently justifying it on Jeff FM to Jeff’s mom who was in the towers on 9/11 is the person to decide what’s right and wrong. But congrats on being able to read my comment history and seeing that I have a consistent opinion ig 🤷‍♂️

  22. I’ve had my PSN since 2011. Thanks for the tips on the DLC. I was unsure if I’d even find PSN lobbies cause all I see are Xbox lobbies via YT. I’ll look into a PS3 and find the games again. I really want it for the nostalgic feeling and online would be a plus. Hopefully I could find a group of ppl on discord willing to do private lobbies if anything.

  23. I actually think ps3 lobbies are more populated than Xbox despite Xbox having backwards compatibility. But take that with a grain of salt, that’s just based on what people have said on here. It sucks though because I wish I could just play these games on my PS5

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