1. Don’t call EMS if I pass out. This is how I want to go out

  2. Yooooo are there turtles in that tank or just fish???

  3. Those boobs age wonderfully, like a full bodied red wine that I want to stick my dick in between

  4. Thank you ❤️ Now I am imagining you sticking your cock into a bottle of really good red Bourgogne 😁😘❤

  5. Might have to be a decanter, I’m a little big for a bottle 😉

  6. I have a thing I’d like to share with this blonde

  7. Yeah I meant to type body. Guess I had pussy on the brain. I stand by my original and revised comments though

  8. Those Tatis must be on something performance enhancing

  9. How about we do a bull ride. I’ll do the work and you just try to hang on

  10. Way easier to decide on. I will wear it more. Thanks. 💋

  11. I’m glad to be a helpful anonymous internet pervert

  12. I want that juicy clit to be like half of my food pyramid

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