1. The bud on the left has already had some picked off it 🤪, it's not the full eighth so it might look a little short as well

  2. Call it Sour Mac. Both strains are fire, need some MAC1 in my life

  3. I use a pair of trimming scissors even though I have 2 space case grinders

  4. Get it folks,it's the real deal,and as long as they have this,I'll smoke nothing else!!!!

  5. These coins are elusive. Need to set up an alert for myself for them

  6. Nope just checked site in Pcola,and nothing,they sure don't want my first time purchase?

  7. I so want one of these,maybe they will share with other stores,cause never seen it Pcola?

  8. I grabbed some of this recently to try out when it was on sale at like $15/8th. Buds were great looking but mine had almost no smell or flavor and effects were weak for my tolerance. At least it wasn't expensive though!

  9. This is unacceptable. This stuff happens with agriculture but really sucks it happened to us.

  10. Don’t take it personal shi happens g. All that matters is how you bounce back

  11. I want this so bad and the st Pete store doesn’t appear to have any. Sarasota does though

  12. Totally missed this post, appreciate it 🤙🏽

  13. And then another pg drop next week🤦‍♂️ went from limited strains to not being able to choose haha. Thinking I’m gonna go with Rs-11, PPB, Double stuffed Oreoz and the Rick Jamez. Wish we could see the COAs

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