1. Canted or horizontal. Esstac has them, there's also a few diy posts on here. Axl has some options too.

  2. There's an M81 Unobtanium Gear sled placard with a harness for sale on GAFS for $120. I realize you don't need a harness, just throwing the option out there.

  3. Lemme know if you're willing to part the firing pin!

  4. EVT / Mr Silencer is the largest NFA dealer in AZ, and I'd be honored to help you with the process! We have the entire process dialed in to make it simple and easy from start to finish, no prior knowledge or experience required.

  5. Get your IG going! im curious to see translucent rail covers on some different handguards

  6. If you want something bigger, maybe search out bags by volume and not by the '3 day assault' name

  7. sorry if i missed it listed somewhere else but i’ve been looking for a RG american flag patch where is yours from?

  8. Does YMI no longer sell the admin pouch or am I just stupid? Or both

  9. They have changed up their catalog a few times now. Some things they still make if you ask them. This one is the 4x6 VZA (velcro zipper admin).

  10. I don't know why but it severely bothers me the TQ pouches aren't the same

  11. it's because one holds shears too. But tbh, I'm looking at changing them up, just so they match. 😂 I already got some in mind.

  12. Hey I know that pc. Pouch is from YMI tactical.

  13. Looks like a Cleared Hot flag. clearedhot.team

  14. Tracertactical has some. There's a bunch I'm sure, that's all I got in my head atm.

  15. I've ordered once from them and got a shipping notification. The item had a lead time.

  16. I wanna put a bowl of baked potatoes on top of that thing.. I don't know why, fuck you

  17. https://giphy.com/gifs/xUOxfgZPz25qUwwc7u

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