BBBY Debt Tender Exchange Offer Analysis – Part #2: Game Theory for Involved Parties & Potential New Parties (Spoiler: This will be my last post)

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  1. Interesting that COSM is restricted to sell only on my platform - I hope this isn’t something that routinely happens when stocks run in future.

  2. Are they obliged to let the ATM shares go at this low low price? If they’re expecting to break even next quarter why not hold off the sale til that news improves the price? I don’t get it.

  3. The vapour trail pointing just south of due west indicates Northern Europe near the Atlantic. This means the British Isles, France or potentially Spain or Portugal. The grass is Northern European, so Spain and Portugal are out.

  4. So did RC sell his calls? Like some articles reported? I don't know how 'calls' work, but I 'thought' he wouldn't sell them until Jan? Is that incorrect t?

  5. This isn’t a community that needs to worry about it reputation. This is the internet and will have a very eclectic array of opinions. It’s a bunch of people that decided to invest in BBBY for deep value. Retail investors aren’t going to be the driving force in saving this company, so rest easy knowing your investment is unlikely to be negatively impacted by the “tinfoil” posts.

  6. There might be an uptick because normal people (not necessarily paid off shills) are exhausted from the onslaught of bad news and downward price action. It’s been a while since this stock was doing good and it’s only been downhill so people get naturally frustrated.

  7. Yes, this. I’m hopeful for this stock but I’m hurting and I could do without false hopes.

  8. Anyone able to give a tldr? I'm out currently and unable to watch :(

  9. Of BBBY: ‘Ultimately my view of the company changed and I sold’, though he is clearly guarded in what he’s saying.

  10. He looked pretty deadpan in that segment, not like he was hiding something exciting, which pains me to observe.

  11. Correct. I trust the plan. RC (and Icahn) know exactly what they’re doing. I’m sure all these moves being made have been calculated far in advance. Feels like the end is near and i’m grateful to be apart of the entire journey. The struggle we’re facing will make our day of vindication that much sweeter.

  12. I of course hope you’re right but I’m not sure why he would have tweeted that pic with Icahn rather than keeping that totally quiet, if he really was trying to make discreet moves.

  13. This is a screen shot from a post on SS regarding a WSJ article.

  14. It’s an interesting and in some ways disappointing read. The way his meeting with Icahn is described makes it really sound like nothing of substance.

  15. I feel you! It’s even worse after a week off. It feeds the paranoia that Something Will Have Happened, and that You’re Destined to be Found Wanting.

  16. I’m all for a happy ending to this and every meme stock but fantasising about us all growing the magic beans of our initial investment into undreamt of wealth is unhelpful, childish cringe.

  17. I’m beginning to think - and stop me if I’m talking crazy here - that the 100% utilization figure has no bearing on what kind of day I’m going to have what-so-fucking ever.

  18. I agree but I am comparably irked by the use of ‘worse’ when we mean ‘worst’, also ‘abandon’ when we mean ‘abandoned’. And when I say ‘we’ I mean American idiots.

  19. Yeah you know if you post a video (as I did in an edit to be helpful) it shows a thumbnail by default? I didn’t.

  20. Which one is this? Can you provide the link please?

  21. https://www.reddit.com/r/BBBY/comments/ycxkll/bbby_debt_tender_exchange_offer_analysis_part_2/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf

  22. My god, I dreamed of being remotely liable for a petting offence.

  23. Blah blah blah this is a dog whistle for FUDsters, move along folks.

  24. no. we are here to discuss the stock, and all views are welcome

  25. The daily churn is how people make money. I wouldn’t read much into any movement until there is a catalyst.

  26. There is a catalyst. Ppl are figuring out that Ichon wants BBBY and RC wants Baby and the bond restructuring makes it easy for them to pull off.

  27. That’s an attractive theory rather than a catalyst I would say.

  28. Ahh I'm in the UK and it's hard to find many NA beers beyond the very mainstream brands. Smaller bars tend to have more variety though! I'll keep an eye out for the ones you listed.

  29. Guinness 0.0 is surprisingly good too although you get good and bad cans as far as the widget goes.

  30. I've been looking for this everywhere in the shops and haven't found any yet! Dying to try a nice Guinness and black! Where have you bought it in the UK?

  31. Best one yet. Cogent and cool-headed. You are this sub’s DFV and thank you for your insight.

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