1. The biggest thing that bugs me is that this was Prince Andrew’s daughters 18th birthday party...

  2. Damn that just makes it 100 times worse, had no idea.

  3. She deserves no less than a life filled with terror

  4. Lol we were at universal studios. It was 2005-2006 I think he went to cardinals a year later. He was with his family and his daughter is in a stroller, so maybe it was rude that my brothers and I asked for a picture. But we were 7,13,14 years old, in retrospect I wouldn’t of asked. Anyway he looks at me and says “no way I’m with my family, step away” gesturing us to move. Which is fine I totally get it. He then walks like 10 feet and an adult yells and says something about him being excited so Warner takes a pic with him, while doin that his wife turns around and sees us there just watching this, I knew she turned around just to look at us because 30 seconds ago he said no. She seemed like she felt bad, She then whispers something in his ear and he shakes his head no and they keep walking. So honestly not too mean but at the time I thought it was a huge asshole move.

  5. So weird given that he’s apparently ultra religious… funny how super religious people are usually fuckin assholes

  6. I would take out whatever is loose and comes out with no added pressure, then I would put fiberglass tape everywhere between the old plaster and the board (where the board meets the old plaster) and finally I would put some spray glue pretty much everywhere that I will patch to make sure there is a solid bond as sometimes new compound may not bind properly to old paint.

  7. Ye Bellend for standing your ground against a oppressive government who destroyed our economy.

  8. People who talk like you try to compensate for something they don’t like about themselves. I think in your case you’ve probably been in the closet for a long time and you use terms like “beta, fruit loops, rainbow flags” to try and escape your actual identity. If you use those terms in a way to demean it only makes you look super gay. Any person who is happy about the person they are wouldn’t use someone else’s identity to try to put someone down. That’s just not what content people do. You seem very frustrated, hope you sort out your personal issues and just face who you are one day, we’ll be happy for you bud 😘🏳️‍🌈

  9. If we do sell him I sure hope it’s not to Inter… but he’s getting a hell of a lot of interest from the EPL… what a dream it would be if he would just decide to sign with us and stay lol

  10. Was so nice to see how well we played, we can do this! We have the heart, the grit, the guts. Let’s go boys!

  11. It would really be sad to see Becao leave, let alone letting him go without even receiving a euro.

  12. Yeah, I don’t get why he doesn’t want to sign a contract though… even if he signs we can still sell him, and it would set his value, would probably be good for both parties… hope we can work something out

  13. This could be the greatest response to a question on Reddit ever.

  14. Lolll well what kind of a question is this in the age of the internet

  15. Well it’s obviously rigged, the rumors were true except they bribed the refs not the players

  16. We have been really good this season. Really bright. We with a little more luck we would be in the European places. That is still my aim for the second half given we are out of the Cup. It is achievable given all the teams in front of us have more congested fixture lists'. I hope that Sottil will play Pafundi though, if he's good enough for Mancini, he's good enough for us.

  17. Yeah we need to see what he’s got totally agree

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