1. Under eye blush is what I looked up. It doesn’t look bad to me. I’m actually confused by it because I don’t hate it even though it doesn’t make sense for what natural rosy cheeks or natural blushing looks like.

  2. I naturally blush under my eyes, I hate it though. I leave the gym looking like I have bright red eyebags.

  3. Last update: We found the owner of the kitty. Turns out it was a lady who has another 7 cats and 2 dogs in a small house. She was willing to give this kitty to me but her son (7 year old kid) cried and said he wanted his kitty back. I obviously gave it back but as soon as he received it he dropped him on the ground and left.

  4. Shelters, I'm planning on taking him either this evening or tomorrow to see if he has a chip! I really hope he doesn't because I grew fond of him very fast but I know I have to :7944:

  5. Are you confident or do you lack confidence?

  6. I come off as confident and sometimes I'm too blunt when it comes to flirting, but I'm actually very self conscious

  7. What're you self-conscious about? What things do you say that are to blunt?

  8. I'm self-conscious about not knowing how to dance or what to do at parties, having very niche interests, and I have an ugly butt.

  9. Go slow and ask her constantly how she's feeling. The first time I had sex the guy was super nice and gentle to me, did everything right but it still hurt, and I did bleed. I felt a little sore the next day, and the second and third time we had sex was definitely easier to get it in but still hurt a bit.

  10. why are you so upset over this? what a weird thing to be mad about

  11. Yes but it seems minor. My wife has the exact same thing happen to her.

  12. If it weren't minor I'd be dead lol, I love cats and have lived with them all my life

  13. I only shave around and trim my crotch area when I know I'm getting some action that day

  14. The store next to the one I work at sells these tiny chocolate cones filled with dulce de leche, in the occasions I don't bring lunch and have to buy one I always go there and grab one as dessert

  15. Italian style wedding would translate easily enough, I think. You could possibly even just reduce any kind of broth and add a slurry of cornstarch or something instead of pizza sauce, to turn really any kind of soup into a pizza.

  16. I've never been to a Italian wedding And yeah you can really easily pizza a soup but it isn't really edible (I mean, it technically is, but do you want it to be?) While pizzafied stuff tends to be really yummy

  17. I would love to open an online bakery of edibles with delivery options. Weed is illegal in my country and I don't have the brains or time for designing a website, but I know a group of people who make some mean cookies of various different flavors, brownies, cakes, etc with weed and they taste amazing (as well as they make you high as a kite)

  18. That name omfg how the fuck do you pronounce Edythe???!?!?

  19. I suppose it's like "Edith"? Tbh I didn't realize it isn't a known name in England speaking countries

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