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  1. I was diagnosed with BPii before ADHD. I still take a mood stabilizer (lamictol) with my adhd meds (stratterra)

  2. Give him a blowie and tell him he can play golf with his friends without any time restrictions 4 times next year and save your money …

  3. Hahahaha amazing. Luckily he plays at least once a week without time restrictions!

  4. As someone with high functioning ADHD sales is a cheat code. I'm SO good at topical relationship building which is a lot of sales in my experience. Every client/account is different enough to keep it interesting yet similar enough to get comfortable in my groove. Just my 2¢ tho.

  5. Same same same. I went from a consulting job that required a lot of PM work and I was awful at it - maintaining a billion timelines and no budget in tech. My sanity couldn’t handle it. Moved into sales in the same field and it was absolutely my cheat code. My new company is tech, so we have everything automated. I just get to chat about a topic I’m an “expert” in all day long.

  6. The good: I woke up this morning feeling refreshed and excited for the day! My fiancé and I are working out this evening and I can’t wait to keep adding to our heavy lifts. We bought some alcohol free “champagne” and are going to start trying some so we can have some at our wedding for us and our sober friends.

  7. Man this is so awesome to see. Congratulations! Consistency and showing up can be the hardest part. I am so proud of you!

  8. Woah. Wasn’t expecting a reply. That’s awesome - I’ll let you know when I try it!

  9. I'm really excited to participate in dry january, perhaps dry 2021. alcohol doesn't fit in with my health goals.

  10. This sub made me cry and gave me so much hope. Thank you everyone for the encouraging words as our 16 week old pup bites my arm off.

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