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  1. It’s now a strip mall. I got my haircut at the Great Clips up there, told the stylist that we used to shoot guns, drink, do drugs and raise hell right where my hair was being cut. Even pointed out the spots where Mary Ellen Spencer lost her virginity and Budgie Wilson flipped his VW buggy and died. Anyways, now I have to go somewhere else to get my hair cut.

  2. I consolidated the content (words/text) from different sources and put it into the app. If you would like to get the actual meaning of the Hexagram (gua), I think you can ask here and someone in this group can definitely help you. And thanks for using my app.

  3. Impenetrable as Legge and just as fun to read. If I have to consult a sub to understand a reading from an app, why download it? May I suggest you rewrite the readings so they’re more personable and friendly to the new, casual user?

  4. I visited and it’s quite a nice museum, especially the Japanese garden. The only thing odd was its location in Texas and not on the Pacific Coast area. There are still coastline military bunkers there from WWII.

  5. Yelp also named Smiling with Hope best pizza in the country. It's good, but not best in the country. This is based off reviews, from Yelp, I've honestly never even heard of this coffee shop...

  6. Check them out. They serve a wonderful treat: Turkish Delight. It’s a deliciously flavored type of soft gummy, and kind of addictive. And, just like a drug dealer, they’ll let you try the first one free.

  7. BTW, Turkish Delight was the treat the White Witch of Narnia used to captivate Edmund.

  8. I’m a big fan, too. They actually use a ghost kitchen; it’s the same one as Sushi Rose.

  9. That’s not even the weirdest movie Ari Aster has made (see: The Strange Thing About the Johnsons)

  10. Beyond and Impossible are meat substitutes. Cultured meat is not a substitute, rather it is actually meat. The same cells, grown outside the animal.

  11. Which people find repellent. At least everyone I have talked to about this eventuality.

  12. As the founder of Beyond Meat noted, overcoming prejudice to non-animal protein requires a cultural shift, not economics. Lab grown meat is going to be a tough sell.

  13. Mix has my vote too. I believe their pre-order pies are sold out for Thanksgiving.

  14. Every time I go to Mix, I feel so unwelcome. No happy greetings, no banter, and somehow I always feel they’re suspicious I’m going to steal something. I’d rather go to House of Bread where smiles are plentiful and the staff seems happy to have my business.

  15. Joey, like Lorton, sure want to suck on the publicly funded tit of a government job. No bigger grifter than a Socialist RINO.

  16. Quite possibly so? Should I have been aware of that? Is it a thing? Been around kids so other peoples kids will not ever bother me.

  17. There’s studies out about why parents let their kids run amuck in restaurants. It’s because it’s the way the kids perform at home and the parents tune it out. It’s the usual background noise they’re used to, and tune it out. They are literally unaware of the chaos their kids are causing. Proof of point.

  18. Grifters gotta keep grifting. As long as fools have money, a GOP politician will be there to take it.

  19. She’s a proven winner, smart people like putting their money on sure wins. He’s made a career of losing political races.

  20. It's all about who is working the back of the house. We went to Lana's Thai for years, and one time, the food tasted so different, almost Chinese. That was the week the regular cook went on vacation.

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