1. You contact amazon and get the right product or refund

  2. Support said they are shipping another one so now I gotta wait 2 days and see what shows up

  3. I dont kbow about the 500dx,but i own the 4000x with an airflow front panel and it us a qualitiy case with great airflow

  4. Is the glass too dark? That’s the only thing stopping me from getting that case

  5. But there is air coming in through the case? The mesh looks small cuz I want to mount a 280mm aio in the front

  6. Not enough "warm up" time. You gotta treat it all ginger like.

  7. Just got it today it’s a Corsair rm1000x the pc post just fine it’s just that stupid damn thing won’t click in but it looks flushed with the port tho (edit it’s randomly turning off with a clicking sound)

  8. Sounds like something is out of tolerance. Either the PSU or the cable. You can always try wiggling it a bit back and forth to see if that helps(helped me once). Aside from trying another cable, your best bet is to do an exchange to get a replacement psu. I wouldn't start shaving cables, or modding the PSU, unless you don't mind voiding warranties or returns.

  9. I think I killed my whole pc at this point I tried using the old psu and it’s still turning off after a few seconds of being on

  10. GPU. If you are only getting a 3060ti you don't even really need a CPU upgrade at all

  11. Yeah ik but I see kids saying a 3600 bottlenecks a 3060 ti and a 3700x doesn’t but they have the same single core tho? And identical fps in games?

  12. I'm amazed With that cpu and that gpu how could you not already know? Dude gpu

  13. They are.. though if it falls, it is more fragile than others..

  14. Oops my mistake found out it was actually my 9 year old seagate drive going bad not the WD one

  15. It still works just very slowly it’s just my games and some programs nothing important really

  16. What are we looking at here the heat pipes ?

  17. Cpu temps are fine it’s just the front fans being annoyingly loud

  18. Even modern TNs have quite washed out colours but if you can live with that I guess it would do

  19. This is going to be a dumb question but what do you mean by washed out colors?

  20. I had this happen before. Just get a tiny flathead screwdriver and CAREFULLY bend it back straight enough until you can plug the usb header into it which will straighten it out the rest of the way. Good luck

  21. Got it to straighten out a bit and now it works thanks for the help :)

  22. What about 32gb? I found out that Warzone almost eats up 16gb of ram

  23. Doesn't look like it's near death but yeah it's getting old it seems.

  24. It’s on my gaming rig rn had the hdd since 2012 that came in some crappy Walmart hp prebuilt

  25. We don’t have anywhere near enough info to recommend:

  26. Ryzen 5 3600 RX 570 2x4gb 2666mhz oc to 3200 Some cheap ass a320 board so only 2 dimm slots

  27. stares at 1080p 60hz monitor hooked up 2080ti

  28. Bent, not a big problem if its only those

  29. Yes it’s new I already tried to straighten them and installed the cooler on my cpu are they still going to accept it

  30. Rx 570 4gb, nothing crazy but its still getting bottlenecked by the 3200g

  31. Fans are always more or less usefull, and they won't do any harm. In this case i don't think they'll add much airflow, but that's always better than nothing.

  32. Yeah I unplugged them and ran some tests I had the same temps on my gpu, it adds a bit of lighting tho ig it’s fine

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