1. I think it depends on the number of documents and tenants. If you have a relatively low number of tenants than I do think it makes sense to have an index per tenant. One other advantage to this is term cardinality for things like type ahead are more accurate. With a giant index all the tenants terms end up mixed together.

  2. Hard to tell from the pics (and there is no reverse pics). If any of them are Carson City I'd say maybe. If the 83 is a San Fransisco, then probably.

  3. After checking the PCGS CoinFacts it says only 37 were graded ms70 so to me it sounds too good to be true so I would have is checked by a professional as soon as you can,the Chinese fake a lot of slabbed coins

  4. And that is why I prefer to buy gold shield (so I can see the photos as well). And if I buy something that isn't gold shield, I send it for reholder / verification. It sucks that fakes have gotten so good.

  5. My company just announced a minimum of 4 years for hardware refreshes and they don't max out laptops. When asked about it the CTO said, "Hardware is just not a limiting factor on productivity any more".

  6. Looks like your CTO is really up to date on his tech skills. Surely that company strategy is great

  7. They both suck. It all sucks. The company sucks. But they pay super super well. Sigh.

  8. I was in the pawn shop the entire time he was there. he showed them the paper currency but not the coin. they didn't want it.

  9. We've all made regretful purchases. Thanks for sharing this cautionary tale.

  10. I get that. I would recommend buying a nice airtight for it (one with a black/white ring). But I think you're wasting money to grade it.

  11. 1883-CC DMPL MS 65 -or- 1892-CC MS62

  12. This land probably will be used for their Web Services which is their most profitable segment.

  13. US-EAST-2 already has 3 AZs. Adding a 4th would be a very interesting move.

  14. Seems kind of like a rule #2 violation. There are A LOT of hobby subs where people crawl out of the woodwork to shame and bash newbies. Let's not be one.

  15. Strict gun laws will stop all of the illegal guns getting in the hands of criminals... Yup, that'll work. Many of the people committing the shootings are felons who legally can't own firearms anyway. There are evil people in this world that won't be stopped. No guns in certain parts of Europe, machete and knife attacks and it's only going to get worse no matter what law is passed.

  16. There is no one silver bullet. For anything anyone suggests, you can easily find a hundred shootings that would have not stopped. Real change requires a multipart approach. Let's start there.

  17. I just bulldoze into codebases. I have ramped up in half a day even.

  18. Ha. Thanks for the laugh, I needed that today.

  19. In about 15+ years as a lawyer in traffic court I can't recall ever seeing a ticket where it was dismissed because of the Calibration check. I mean heck the Ohio Uniform Traffic Ticket specifically has a box on it where they list the date and time of the calibration check.

  20. In the case of a plane, do they have to offer any video evidence to support the claim? The officer that wrote the citation was very likely not the one operating it.

  21. Lol Ohio’s team, three years ago they didn’t have any fans. even in their own city they couldn’t sell out games

  22. Come on now. We've both had a few brutal decade(s). If this had been the Browns, we'd be rooting for you. Can't you do the same?

  23. Can you elaborate? It looks PL but I do see some shadows. Thanks.

  24. Look at the MERICA on the obverse. Do you see how there is almost an outline around each letter. A natural PL/DMPL will have a little bit of this near higher raised spots, but this is way too pronounced. It's been altered.

  25. Land availability is a big part. Companies and people can keep moving here because it’s all surrounded by farm land and it can keep sprawling unlike Cincy or Cleveland.

  26. There is plenty of farm land in and around Cincinnati (in many cases inside the outer belt). Lack of land is not hindering its growth.

  27. Cincinnati did not go on the annexing mission that Columbus did, so all that farmland is outside of the city.

  28. You're technically correct. But when people talk about a city growing, they often are referring to the metro and not the city limits itself. And that is how I took OPs question, but I could be wrong.

  29. How much are you looking to spend. I have a box of unopened dansco albums and covers.

  30. Unfortunately all of the albums I have are for US minted coins. If I come across any others I'll keep you in mind.

  31. If this was mine I would crack it out and send it out to NGC or PCGS but I wouldn't be expecting a 65 grade come back or the DMPL designation

  32. I did this once with an ANA graded morgan (1891-CC). PCGS sent it back as UNC detailed (cleaned) 🙄.

  33. What type of ANACS holder?? The older first generation ones or the newer yellow label ones?

  34. I'm not super familiar with their holders, but it was yellow. I believe it looked like this one:

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