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  1. You can be okay with the random, anonymous sperm donation but not be okay with meeting with these random strangers trying to show up in your life. Lol.

  2. that's fair. But the first time one of the children reached out was the perfect opportunity to address her feelings with OOP. Instead she hid it, carried resentment, and then later lied about it

  3. I still have the very first plant I ever bought from the IGA at Middlegate mall

  4. I don't remember an IGA, there was a Super Valu there.

  5. Oh yah! It was Super Valu! The grocery store in the back corner. There was the liquor store in that same area as well as a bunch of other small shops

  6. Love your dog’s patience and affection with the kitten. Though I bet your pooch likes when the kitten crashes for some sleep once in awhile.

  7. Depends on how much you need security if rates continue to rise. If you are worried about inflated payments, go with fixed. If you think you have the stomach to ride the wave, pick variable

  8. Same! I thought I'd get elastics or any other "gadgets" to fix it. He even skipped some of the new attachments which I got in my second round of refinements. When I asked about the reason, he said that "I don't really need them". I'm not a dentist but such things make me doubt. Why would they go for lite then... How much did you pay?

  9. I was charged $5650 and was under the impression I was getting Invisalign Comprehensive. My contract was (what I believe) intentionally vague, not stating which plan I would be on, or how long my treatment plan would be. It literally says nothing, other than I would get a retainer.

  10. Dentist offered me a refund on Thursday, I don't know if it's full, but I sure hope it is. I feel like I was way overcharged to begin with

  11. I just made an order online for pick up. Damn thank you!!!! You re a legend!

  12. Our strata is in the process of approving the Innova 2.0 units. Our units have a little window that you can totally remove to run anything you need to the outside. I get that strata doesn't want you to drill through the building but this is such a simple solution.

  13. Yup, that’s what we decided on, too. Removal of the window was the easiest solution and least invasive in a smaller space

  14. One of my neighbours has the Innova 2.0 units and she loves it. Her unit is around 700 sq ft over 2 levels and she said it heats/cools most of her living space. The contractor removed a window to install the unit. She paid around $8800

  15. What will happen is I will get a refund from my dentist and start fresh with an ortho. I have not got a quote yet from any orthos. I last saw my dentist on Thursday so it's all new info and I'm seeing her again next week to discuss this further.

  16. Got it, thank you! I think I need to be a more firm with my dentist. He doesn’t seem to want to correct my overbite. Last time I was there he said sometimes it’s better if teeth don’t touch each other

  17. If I wasn't firm or had said anything, pretty sure after my initial 11 trays I'd be sitting here with retainers feeling as though I was out $5600. I was never even informed about refinements until I asked.

  18. I saw that earlier. I hope she builds up the courage and resources to leave this loser.

  19. There is another update. Basically she went back to him. He asked her about the race play again. She refused and he assaulted her.

  20. Holy shit. Thanks for letting me know. The only reason he did those nice things for her was to butter her up and get her to agree to his raceplay?!?

  21. head mod is first on the list. If you are trying to reach an active mod of any community, the best way to do it is send a modmail. Whoever sees it will be able to help you. There is a good chance you will not know what that mod's user name is, as the response will be via the subreddit

  22. I'm a mod, I'm trying to take over from inactive mods. I tried a modmail it's been a bit but no response. Reddit says they're active so I couldn't take over that way. I sent a DM and we'll see how it turns out.

  23. Many mods don't respond to subreddit related issues through DM. Bans, post removal, etc.

  24. They do. I am not sure, but this one might be a 360 excavator

  25. What did you buy? I got a few items from the Ordinary when they had their November sale

  26. Simply tell him you want to move on, but it was nice knowing him. The fewer the words, the better and no need to respond if he gets pouty

  27. The account I'm replying to is a karma bot run by someone who will link scams once the account gets enough karma.

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