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  1. What do the 2 green up arrows mean? Thanks!

  2. Wow that's quite a significant change.... incredible discipline to continue over a year as well. great job

  3. I expect down-down early morning then a little up mid-morning/afternoon. Down AH tomorrow and PM Wednesday. Up after the bell Wednesday then down. Here’s the kicker. The week after and then futures roll, I see bigger ups, then market crash to and GME back to 18/19 before January OPEX.

  4. Didn't u mention we'll be up during Nov OPEX? What changed?

  5. Yep, Tuesday isn’t even close to over yet.

  6. Drop seems to be a minor one. Tomorrow is OPEX, does that mean the drop is done?

  7. It’s gonna make an “m” then go shooting up, then fall, fall, fall.

  8. still on track? it's tues and doesn't seem to falling to 21/22 based on your earlier predictions

  9. hi Leenixus, how do you remove the mouse smoothing? Thanks

  10. Hi Luminus, how did you arrive at -10 (from T+69 to T+59)? How did you calculate the shortening to be about 10 days specifically?

  11. I took the last swap date and drew the dateline until after the second bottom. This puts us somewhere around 29th. and from the swap day to the 29th are around 59days.

  12. wow.... the lighting work is amazing.

  13. So good... man those first 2 pictures.... insane

  14. Hi OP, great job. To make it even better, I would suggest darkening the suit for the dad even further. You got the perspective and everything nailed down, but the lighting isn't matching simply because the black suit is way lighter than the rest. Try increasing the contrast and sharpness + bring down the blacks for the suit.

  15. It's only logical that you are on a losing streak. When you got coaching, you probably received feedback about your habits. In order to climb, you have to unlearn said habits. At the same time, you are actively learning new habits to get you to a higher rank.

  16. First, mix baking soda and water in a pail/tub (ideally highly concentrated; very cloudy water is a good indicator) and soak your clothes in it overnight.

  17. Hi OP, I've been following this theory of yours for quite sometime and great to see you an update from you. I would like to clarify something with you just so I can understand things better:

  18. Hi OP, I dropped you a DM to continue this conversation as what you've described is lining up with another theory I'm exploring.

  19. Head and shoulders pattern tho. Bearish looking

  20. Articles like this signal the close to a bottom. Time to load up.

  21. Just remember, good news = major drop. Run on Monday/ Tuesday drop hard into next week. Been around to long for this shit. Everyone screaming squeeze meanwhile they get wrecked and sell shares or loose $$$$ on calls.

  22. Hi OP, in one of your earlier comments you said u were expecting a squeeze this week. Yet in this comment, you mentioned a dip following a short bull trap. Can you clarify which route is it? Thanks

  23. Looks like no OPEX but it does look like they are really winding up for a run. The Stoch indicator is at a 0.49. Any time it drops below 2, we seem to have a really big run in the next few weeks or at least some very nice upside.

  24. Hi Gandos, isn't the top for the 11/19 OPEX the 2nd top already? The first top was made on 3 Nov.

  25. The 80 calls can easily be sold as well. With IV this elevated, there are a lot of call sellers out there looking to take advantage of a IV crush to profit off of. Not all the calls are bought

  26. for OP commenter, iirc, it's a trip to $4-5ish before a move back to 30. Correct me if I'm wrong

  27. And GS estimates they will be cash flow positive again by 2024. 0% chance of bankruptcy

  28. Hi, can you provide the source for this?

  29. Sentiment for BBBY compared to GME is extremely different after their sneezes.

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