1. Both pics look like she's about to molt. And yes the first pic she is berried (pregnant)

  2. I don't hate it. I think it's kinda cool, good conversation starter. What kind of animal bone is this?

  3. Thank you! This was a cat. I make sculptures from material’s I find along my bike route. Sadly this critter got hit by a car several months ago. Once the snow had melted I noticed the remains were in the same spot. Since, I have made this neck ornament and a ring!

  4. That's incredibly resourceful. Do we get to see the ring?

  5. You could try Broadway Show Repair. I have only heard good things.

  6. I am indeed amazed. I thought this was a picture, you have some mad skills.

  7. Looks cute, I would like to see where this goes.

  8. It can take a couple days, or many days depending on how much glue. You can set it in a sunny place, may speed it up.

  9. I was told they breed slowly....and now I have an infestation, this took about 4 months. I pulled out 32 last week of varying sizes. I started with 2 to tackle a bladder snail infestation. I think you should have a booming population in no time.

  10. That's impressive, must have been tricky to get the leaves so thin. The paint job is spot on.

  11. That is stunning! Looks like it belongs on a red carpet somewhere. You have mastered your craft.

  12. I love this! You did a very good job selecting decor to match your tank size. Please post updates as your plants fill in.

  13. Oooo your shrimp is happy! Congrats, shrimp babies are fun to watch.

  14. Apologies, I know nothing of your conundrum. Best of luck

  15. It will settle, just takes several hours to clear up.

  16. I think your snail might just be sleeping. I was told that snails can sleep for a couple days at a time.

  17. *I know nothing about the gold Inca, best of luck

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