1. Wrap a string around the exhaust pipe 2 times. Mark across the strings.

  2. See the Woodie Harrelson movie about how Hurst used his newspapers to vilify it because he owned the patent on making news print from wood pulp. Not marijuana .

  3. Use google maps. Start with zipcode 90248. Google plastics. Or medical devices. Food processing. From that zipcode in gardena. Its 100 miles east. 100 miles northwest. 60 miles north.

  4. In the mid 1990s. Oil change places were upselling an oil additive that caused sludge that would not come off in the hot jet wash tank. Would not come off in gasoline.

  5. Gm 19116352 is the fuse block part number. Check at rock and gm dealers.

  6. Almost any machine shop can whip one out or modify a new pulley.

  7. are you going to replace with fully assembled strut assemblies with springs...

  8. it hardly holds a quart of fluid.. or is it a pint...

  9. Pull the bulb from the socket. Scrape the 4 tabs in the socket that contact the wires on the side of the bulb base. Bend then inward slightly. Retry.

  10. Does your local cadillac dealer have any. How about a used wheel and tire from a wrecking yard.

  11. New terminals are actually quite cheap. It looks like you can pick up a pack of 25 for under $10. I just need to figure out which ones to purchase.

  12. If you google the part number on the radio. You might come up with the radio repar shops that used to and may still exist.

  13. Well i actually use a hyde 7 way painters tool with the edge sharpened to almost scalpel sharpeness on a 180 grit 10" diamond file.

  14. There are TSBs about not using roloc on partially assembled engines.

  15. Cats can continue to melt internally till they totally clog. At which point the car may not make enough power to move.

  16. That lists a billion stores with no idea of their inventory. I've tried the seven nearest me and they were as described above.

  17. Loosen the 3 screws and turn the choke thermostat with the throttle open.. engine off. so the choke blade opens fully for now... so you don't flood the engine and foul the spark plugs..

  18. Single click in my 43 years is worn out brushes in the starter.

  19. 11 gauge expanded steel sheet. Mounted to simpson strong tie 1/2" beam clamps on the bottom of the frame rails. Like a vented skid plate.

  20. Wonder if that is a burned crust from an atmospheric high speed entry. Could be a meteorite.

  21. Rig a remote starter button. To crank the engine for 10 seconds before you start it.

  22. Ok so he CAN refuse to release my car to me. But I can also sign a waiver saying I’m taking it from the shop with incomplete repairs. But he HAS fixed the problem I brought it in for (not starting up) and only found the gas leak (supposedly) after he told me the car was ready for pickup. So now if I sign that waiver and drive my car out of his shop and then the next morning my car doesn’t start up again… would that be covered under the guarantee still?

  23. No shop is going to let you drive the car out. Its leaving on a tow truck. Once the car is off the property. Does not matter.

  24. How serious does the fault have to be to withhold my car? It’s a small leak in my fuel pump system but it’s not like it’s leaking fuel all over the place

  25. Serious enough its a road or personal/property safety hazard. That a car owner could get a lawyer involved. Or the highway patrol investigators want to talk to you . In the past there have been injunctions from courts that prevent mechanics from working on brakes ever again. That was the old days. Now lawyers drag you thru court till they own every pennie you will ever make for the rest of your life.

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