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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't give a shit? I spend literally 5 seconds on the home screen

  2. Couldn't of said it better myself. I pick up my controller and the first button I press is A to load up whatever ever game I'm playing, shit sometimes I load my game up before my TV even turns on

  3. Does it matter its not like the cursor defaults on the ad just press A amd load up your last game or app

  4. It's only getting worse since pretty much every content creator is promoting Invasion as the fastest way to level up weapons.

  5. It doesn't even feel any faster than just playing tdm In my opinion but that might just be because the 3 invasion matches I've played we got spawned trapped by snipers, tanks and killstreak, I have since wrote invasion off lol

  6. Don't waste rockets on CUAVs they're made out of paper just shoot them they don't move

  7. I've been having an absolute blast without sweating and I get around 15/20+ kills per match and 8/10 matches I'm positive I just avoid dom that seems to be where the sweats like to hang out

  8. Yeah me and my mates were like "fuck me why is it so sweaty tdm wasn't like this.... should we go back?" lol but in my experience I find tdm, kill confirmed and hardpoint to be way more chilled out and fun still get the occasional sweat match but that's like 1 in every 5 or so then it goes back to normal

  9. I'm loving it so much everything just feels so good, there is a couple of things I'm not too crazy about like the new perk system or how weapon unlocks are handled but those are not taking away from my fun

  10. Marvel memes when someone has a legitimate criticism about a movie/show that stars a women or POC

  11. I back out the second I see I'm on the moon did 7 in a row on the moon and I'm sick of it

  12. What is with the "is there a lore reason why?" Post Recently almost every sub I'm following have had multiple post framed the exact same why

  13. Man optical illusions are cool even if they are just for a dumb joke

  14. Definitely not I've watched the boys diabolical knowing my luck I'd end up like the guy with titties on his face

  15. No, I never even wanted exo zombies or iw zombies or ww2 zombies, zombies should be treyarchs mode EXCLUSIVELY

  16. Just wondering is rwby and rvb still watchable on YouTube or do they only exist on the website now

  17. Am I the only one who sees this shader as Gundam colors? You know, to match the mecha armor?

  18. I noticed that but when used on anything but the mech armour you look like Ronald Mcdonald more than a gundam

  19. That's the think with the event passes so far, they're hot garbage that contains the stuff that I wouldn't buy anyway if they were in the regular store

  20. If I a joined a pub match on this map and a guy quoted this word for word I'd invite them to my wedding

  21. You never thought to ask yourself why vegetarians and vegans didn't eat gumming sweets?

  22. Are there any other video game groups to watch? I could never get into watching twitch streams and not much a fan of solo channels anymore

  23. I'm absolutely loving OW2 despite HATING the first. Now all they need to do is fix the achievement disconnect bug

  24. I finally got a chance to play a few matches. I don't like the control, the characters, the abilities, the graphics. I thought Paladins was better.

  25. What's with the down votes you literally just said an opinion, you wasn't even bashing the game you just said how you felt 😅

  26. I have a very high health bar and yet I still got clapped in like 5 hits or less 😅

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