1. eat breakfast or a meal before taking it never take it on an empty stomach and take something for diarrhea however if it continues like that more than 2 weeks you should talk to your doctor..if you just started taking it that's pretty normal. i have ibs-c so i found that antidepressants help regulate it lol

  2. Ive taken them for 9 years bedore and always had loose stools on them and i always take it after breakfest

  3. yea that's not normal you'll need to take a supplement or med for that or you'll have to change it but most ssris/snris do that I've been on so many so i know :( there's an atypical antidepressant called tianeptine but i don't think they prescribe it in America..and i would guess there are some others that don't have that side effect good luck tho 💗

  4. Thanks i have tried duloxetin venafexin zoloft all have side effects

  5. Why did you stop? I stopped on Monday. I had mini panic attacks after taking 12.5 mg Monday evening. Before then, I wasn’t taking it 2-4 out of the week- it’s too strong for me and I’m very sensitive to medication. I’ve been on it for 6 months and I’ve gained weight. I laughed when I saw this post bc I’ve been burping all night.

  6. I dont feel any diff now from when i was om the pills

  7. Yeah, seem like it's too hard for some people to make a quick search before posting on reddit. even if it would be quicker

  8. why does it bother you that people are asking you could just not you know press the thread

  9. No idea as it takes one month or so just to get in contact with my doctor every time

  10. based on my experience for taking Prozac for 1 year , i didn't face any change in stool

  11. Ive noticed that prozac always gives me loose stools been taking it for 10 years but 8 recently tried other pills and noticed that the loose stools went away now my problem is should i keep going on prozac even when it gives me loose stools or just i try another antidepressant? I have tried cymbalta venlafexin and zoloft and all of them gave me bad side effects cymbalta gave me constipation venla gave me muscle pain and also made me wet my bed during night and zoloft made it so it feelt like i had a balloon in my stomach and trouble breathing kinda lost on what i should do

  12. You could potentially have very severe and long lasting withdrawal symptoms quitting after 10 years with no taper. The smart thing to do would be to go back on Prozac and taper off that one properly.

  13. Ive been on zoloft for 1.5 months should i still go back on prozac instead? Ik ur not a doctor but i cant get in contact with mine

  14. What had worse adverse effects? Did you still feel withdrawal after switching to zoloft? It would be less difficult to get back on and taper off slowly. The depression, anxiety and other symptoms from withdrawal can be debilitating.

  15. I mostly stopped zoloft cause stomach issues but maybe they go away if i would have given it more time

  16. Well with the way anxiety and meds change the gut it’s little surprise you’re having these sort of issues, and with your anxiety ramping up that surely isn’t helping your stomach either! Unable to do any virtual appts with the doc either? I think you will be okay but perhaps adjusting your diet to lessen the acid reflux might help for a bit. :)

  17. She just puts me on pills and never say anything about them nor explain if there is side effects or withdrawal also need to wait over a month every time before i can talk with her and it sucks

  18. you're only missing vrr everything will work fine

  19. if you have lg turn off gsync/adaptive sync 2.0 can go up to 1440p 120hz without vrr

  20. Can i use HFR that is an option in the new god of war? It seems like i cant when i google it

  21. Mine is worst now as im going off burping acid reflux dizzy

  22. Yeah that's fucking bs dude, it depends if you can tolerate it or not

  23. Did you taper off or quit cold turkey? Sometimes stopping meds can bring out GERD.

  24. Is gerd permanent ? I was on 25mg for 2 weeks then quit was on 50 for 2 weeks prior to that

  25. Currently going off zoloft dizzy af nausea burping its annoying went off cold turkey on 25mg dose its the lowest one

  26. Anyone else got any experience with this? It started 4 days after going off zoloft from 25mg it just feels like nausea and burping

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