1. Idc they want money for it so i will say it how it is why the f are you protecting something that is broken? U are the problem with gaming and why games get put out broken

  2. More than likely this. I’ve had zero issues with mine and the only time I notice odd feedback is when I have sidetone volume all the way up by accident

  3. My Arctis 7s also do that. Have to leave it just below max volume.

  4. same it sucks but i cant find any better wireless then these

  5. I have the HS80 and you’ll need to set up the 3D audio on PlayStation (tempest) and the on PC you can use Dolby Atmos

  6. Any recommended settings for the dolby atmos and the 3d tempest on ps5?

  7. Hi there! Going from left to right for EQ These are the settings that i use:

  8. anyway to make it sound better on the ps5? cus the issue is still there when you use it on ps5 as u cant change eq

  9. it has terrible sound quality, it's very uncomfortable and generally sucks ass, please don't buy it.

  10. I don't know if two presses are really needed. Barbell overhead presses and landmine presses focus on the front deltoid too much. Dumbbell shoulder presses and upright rows should be your main compound movements for shoulders IMO, since they hit the side deltoid harder than the front deltoid (which is hit anyway during your shoulder and triceps day). Besides that, standing side raises and bent-over side raises, as well as face pulls, are good exercises to include on shoulder day in order to develop round, cannonball delts.

  11. Can you do behind-the-neck presses without pain? That's

  12. I tried it got pain with it any other ideas thanks for anyhelp

  13. Problem with to much protein is that it makes me constipated and it sucks i can list what i eat currently maybe someone can give me advice

  14. Hi, coffee yes. But I don't understand, you're saying you wake up like that, so you mean after you wake up and drink coffee?

  15. No so i wake up in the morning drink a coffe take ny 300mg of caffein preworkout come home go about my day drink another coffe go to bed like 3 hours later then i wake up after and our or two in a panic attack

  16. I see. Well caffein is very bad for anxiety, because it raises dopamine, which speeds up your thinking process and causing anxiety as a result. You should try like 2-3 days with much less caffeine and see what it does in this sense. You should feel much calmer in general.

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