1. You mean a digital drawing tablet? I have one you can borrow.

  2. Running CoS right now and I already forgot about hyping up Strahd. Like They know he's a thing, but they don't understand just how terrifying and monstrous he is. They legit think they could beat him if they corner him.

  3. The module is already pretty heavy on child abuse. Was the whole human sacrifice thing not evil enough?

  4. Yeah i removed that. I made Mrs. Durst contact a Dark power and was ready to sacrifice Walter to become strong enough to challenge Strahd, but Count Z stepped in, killed her, cursed the home and took Walter as his own child.

  5. You are talking about Mrs. Durst killing Walter for her cult right?

  6. The ring will cause the user to lose one of 5 senses for the 1d6 hours every time it is activated. Roll for the senses, roll for the hours. If it's something that is always active, then have the senses reset at dawn.

  7. Ohhhh this is evil, I love it! The problem is no one will ever be good enough for old Count Sucks-a-lot, so I don't think you can ever show the rise of the undead army. I think you have a good idea here on hand, but I think you will have to hint it hard as I doubt you will every actually have the moment of Strahd leaving Barovia with an army in hand.

  8. Of course, if he responded to Miles everyone would know that is his name!

  9. Because Humans are Just... Humans. We don't so much change to suit our environment as we change our environment to suit us. In spite of even the wildly varying climates on Earth, the most significant adaptation humans have had is... lightening of the skin to absorb more sunlight in places that don't get as much. There are other, very minor, adaptations, but that's by far the most noticeable. Humans affect our environment far more than our environment affects us. Humans are essentially the same no matter where you go.

  10. I made a list of propoganda and honest records made in Barovia. For my players. When they discover them, I provide the short story to them to read at thier down time. Maybe some of these would work?

  11. These are more stories, but they are the truth (Not that I tell my players that)---------The Great famine of Barovia

  12. This is a treasure, thank you. With how horrible Marvel treat's Peter's happiness and his relationship with MJ, any art like this which shows him happy is like gold to me.

  13. Mandy Mod's guide on the Vistani will help, it's a nice way to show how not all of them are working for Strahd.

  14. Thank you! I was missing that logic of peasants. It seems so simple now that I think about it! I guess this is a case of me overthinking things!

  15. idk if this helps but u have to start controlling ur diet and and walk at least 5kms a day. walking always helps with correcting body posture. i say this because of personal experience

  16. Im working on my weight loss, lost 2 kg in around 12 days, so i am making progress

  17. I love the peddler part as well, I just gave my players a map didn't think to make them earn it, so kind off kicking myself for that. I need to make them understand the theme better! Love your work!

  18. Have S politely refuse and say he is taken while looking longingly at Irena. If you want to go for some major simp energy, have him pressure Irena by acting like she owes him for not flirting back.

  19. I dont think Vader would have his saber out. He respects Rex too much to kill him like that....maybe just snap his neck real quick with the force.

  20. I have the same theory, i have three friends who all own this case and last week i was at Pheonix and counted 21 people with this case. Probably more because i didnt start counting until i saw a lot of them together.

  21. Do the opposite, they are so alert everything feels like a threat. Because everything is, only something will attack you.

  22. Anyone have any updates on which parts of Chennai have or don't have power.

  23. Live on ecr power is here, there is a starbucks on ecr maybe you can take the interview there?

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