It’s official. I moved out + went no contact, and they did not see any of it coming!

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  • By - c3s1c

  1. This. This speaks to me so much right now. My Nmom knows nothing about me, never has never will.

  2. Have you even tried to talk to them to get to know you?

  3. My parents don’t even know I’ve had a bf for two years while living with them. Kind of hilarious. I will never share jack shit with them, if anything I’m sticking around for the free housing till I can save up enough for my own place. And yeah I owe them nothing, their retirement is on them. Or better yet they have three GCs to fall back on… bye bye

  4. Cheers to you! You don’t owe them ANYTHING, and you deserve peace. Congratulations on standing your ground ❤️

  5. Man I was thinking of bringing it up eventually but a part of me was scared of being ‘selfish’ or attention-seeking. I’m hesitating between either reducing contact with them or talking things out. I feel that the latter might not go well but that could just be my codependent/avoidant side talking ;-;

  6. And you'll also be setting a good example for your siblings as they get older-- you'll be proving that you can get out of there. I'm going to guess that maybe your parents have a tendency to be critical, also?

  7. Yes, they are hypercritical. And you’re right, I think that maybe having a real life example can help them out later. I guess I just struggle with the guilt of leaving them behind

  8. Keep in mind that if you leave now, you may be able to help them, too, when the time comes-- as in, someday if your 18 year old sibling calls and says they got kicked out? Maybe they'll be able to move in with you. And as they get older and need to vent, they'll always know you'll be willing to listen to them-- and that you'll believe them.

  9. You’re right. Sorry for the late reply, I needed some time to calm down.

  10. I agree! Although I highly appreciate inspiring posts where people are celebrating their escape, I really wish more people talked about the process of leaving..

  11. Overall you have good rhythm and pressure so that’s a good sign for fitting in socially and at work. The downward loops on your g and y letters indicate your physical side and the way you dive into physical activity and even your sexuality. Watch the way the stems dip into the next line, which suggests you may get tangled up into relationships wholeheartedly or take on exercise with fervor. Your t bars are often rather low which points to a self esteem that tends to need bolstering. Don’t underestimate your abilities. I also see that same issue in your signature where you cross out your name. This is a self cancelling mechanism where you may sabotage yourself or discount your own abilities. You may do well in law or education primarily but with capabilities for other fields as well.

  12. Thank you so much for your analysis! I didn’t expect that one could tell that I was really committed to exercise ;-; I also didn’t think my impostor syndrome would show through my handwriting.. great catch there!

  13. As for law-I see a compilation of things that suggest that to me: even lines for following rules, socially adept letters for dealing with various people, and those energetic lower loops that suggest you may be good at taking up causes. Education secondarily because of your ability to work with different people and keep your own emotions under control. I’ve seen this in other teachers. You have some large gaps between words so you’d actually prefer alone time though.

  14. That’s so interesting :0 I would have never picked up on the even lines [you mean the spaces between my lines right?].

  15. I experience the same thing — I’d read novels to put myself to sleep. Honestly I wouldn’t say it’s much of a problem, unless you’re trying to read material for a course you’re doing ;-;

  16. I don't like sand. It's all coarse, and rough, and irritating. And it gets everywhere.

  17. Damn, for real? What a life — I actually used to want to move to Canada for University but Covid got in the way back then..

  18. He's trying to generate traction that he can then go off about. It's like trying to strike a wet match... how's he supposed to throw fuel on a fire that won't catch?

  19. Thanks for the compliment haha Though I have to admit I didn’t think of it as “genius” as much as a good survival tactic 😅

  20. I'm really sorry this is happening to you honey. Do you have any family or friends you can stay the night with? Is it possible you can call child protective services and get re house with a supportive relative?

  21. I have one friend in mind that I could stay with but I’m just scared that my parents will control me again and punish me for that [for whatever reason they can think of]. I also have an uncle but he’s more of an enabler and will probably try and put me back with my Ndad & Nmom.

  22. Wow, okay, this one actually makes me feel supported ngl (I have a hard time processing comforting phrases etc). Thanks! Gon save this.

  23. Always happy to help! Your struggles are always valid

  24. But that begs the question: to what extent are my personal failures, shortcomings and difficulties are determined by the way my family treated me? It’s like a balancing act, I think. You are who you made yourself to be but at the same time you have setbacks from your family and how they raised you

  25. I understand that perspective. My post wasn’t meant to shame people who are struggling to fulfill their full potential because of the abuse they tolerated from their Nparents. I’m sorry if my writing implied that.

  26. I’m very good at acting. Over years of hiding things from my parents, I learned how to conceal my real emotions, and create fake new ones on the surface.

  27. I'm excited to see the wedding dress she will wear to your wedding.

  28. Hahaha oh my god! I’ve actually read so many stories like that, and genuinely I wouldn’t be surprised if she did.. which is why she will not be invited. And she will never find me after I’m a legal adult.

  29. Thank you! I appreciate your message so much.

  30. Thank you so much for the tip!

  31. Hi, OP! Congratulations on moving out and getting a better life for yourself ❤️❤️ as an online stranger, I am so very very proud of you.

  32. JUJUTSU KAISEN [the first OP!]

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