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  • By - Tj4y

  1. How did you hurt yourself?

  2. whilst playing football (as in that one you actually play with your feet). It took literally nothing to rupture, I just lost my balance a bit whilst running and there it went

  3. he's just the only character on the show which made me laugh out loud every time he said something

  4. Thank you so much for your reply, I have a magic bullet so I can basically throw anything I want in there. You’ve given me a lot of food for thought already but if the knowledge that I am able to blend changes anything, I would like to know!

  5. I'm just going to add some stuff on top: instant oats, i love the taste of them plus they have good carbs, fibre and even some protein. Protein powder, which ever you prefer. I usually mix some plant-based with whey, cause thats a little easier on my stomach than just whey. (frozen) Berries, a bit of carbs, some vitamins and it just tasts good. Maybe some peanut butter fo healthy fats and some more calories

  6. Tore my cruciate ligament in my right knee and I'm in the hospital right now as I had surgery on it yesterday. Bloody hell it hurts.

  7. bloody hell man, i know quite a lot of people who can do lots of push ups but i've never seen someone doing 100 at once plus at 64

  8. I don’t remember IMDB scores ever being trustworthy to begin with.

  9. yeah i mean it's only at 240 reviews so this will easily be evened out in about a week or two when there are several thousand reviews. After all this is supposed to show how the general public liked the show/movie and even if there are idiots who negatively review it just out of spite, thats what it's supposed to show. I really like IMDB and prefer it to rotten tomatoes.

  10. i love how the winner of the cosplay contest has a huge rack

  11. The flirting wasn't necessarily wrong...everyone flirted with everyone else in that office.

  12. let's not pretend you don't know what sells in this office

  13. after spending some time in a darknet forum i read about the most fucked up fantasy ever. Some guy wanted to have either two sisters or daughter and mother (can't remember exactly) locked up in his basement. Firstly them as his sex slaves and secondly, cutting of pieces of one of them to feed it to the other. All of this whilst keeping her alive as long as possible. All this was written down in such detail. Made me turn off my computer.

  14. I have to disagree on that, I have small triceps related to the rest of my body and every time I do deadlift I feel a pump on my triceps.

  15. thats probably the point where your lats are attached rather than your triceps

  16. and don't forget that Michael was shagging her Mom

  17. looks like someone was taking some hobbits by your house

  18. That blue chicken is delicious. Not only the animal was probably lying on its age to get killed sooner but the taste must be worth the horrible life it lived. Switzerland is the first place where they show the quality of the treatment of the beast you are buying. on a A to D scale Ive seen only C and D at lidl. some A at Aldi with beef.

  19. Theses scales are nice yeah but switzerland has higher standards in cattle breeding compared to other countries. I'm not saying that these animals lived a perfect species-appropriate life, but it's better to buy swiss meat rather than imported.

  20. Yeah, I love lifting but I've never understood people who chase that sort of mass. I don't want so much muscle it interferes with my range of motion and honestly it just looks freaky. Most women much prefer the Brad Pitt from Fight Club look to the my dad was a gorilla look.

  21. yeah i mean bodybuilding the way it has evolved is crazy. It's not about simmetry and the overall look anymore, it's all about size. Basically just about who carries the most amount of muscle whilst having the lowest body fat.

  22. Is it because of these? Because he likes them! And that is all I care about!

  23. i did not know who that is and i really wanted to know so it wasnt really spoiler until now

  24. my man entering a post flagged with spoiler, just to complain about being spoilered

  25. Isch eh blöd. Werum sött i irgendwelchi Chemische Öl und Gas vo tuusige Kilometer wiit weg zu mir hole zums verfüüre?

  26. stromheizige si grundsätzlech sehr ineffizient im verglich zu angerne system. I nime ah du meinsch Solarthermie oder eh Wärmepumpi.

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