1. Why do people hate Union all of a sudden?

  2. This is one of those pairs that I wanted everytime I saw them, but there were other pairs I always wanted more at the time.

  3. There were even weirder shots later on I couldn't include. Like a 1/6 human centipede or something

  4. The first picture in the album shows the possibilities like the human centipede so you kind of included it?

  5. Love 'em. One of my favorite beaters when I can't decide what to wear.

  6. I know about iqunix after looking for an all-in-one mechanical keyboard during early pandemic that wasn't from the primary manufacturer (Logitech, Corsair, etc.)

  7. I like the translucent case. Always a fan of see through plastic. Not a big fan of the keycaps, but I understand the aesthetic

  8. I don't mind the design, but I think I'd prefer the switches and knobs on the left hand side.

  9. Doesn't look that bad. Colors and photos make it look like a toy or something though. Like something I'd see in the Kids aisle.

  10. I bought the same exact pair once I knew I wasn't going to get the L&F for retail.

  11. Lol what a shit show. Tried to join the draw at opening, errors out and logs me out. Couldn't log back in on the app or the website the entire time. Got "Service Unavailable" for the first 8 minutes, then it asked if I wanted to continue as me, but trying to confirm would get a "We have encountered a problem. Please try again later." Still getting that error right now

  12. I was with you until buying from a reseller.

  13. I feel ya. Definitely got the "I need it now" impatient feeling at the moment. I'm sure I'll talk myself out of it with something else expensive and dumb lol. Like "Why buy this $400 pair when. You could parts for you PC" or some shit.

  14. I mean...they could've given us nothing like usual when a waitlisted item is removed.

  15. Makes me think of a triptych with the frames of the displays framing the characters.

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