Post Game Thread: SUPER BOWL - The Eagles fell to the Chiefs by a score of 38 to 35 - February 12, 2023 @ 06:30 PM

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  1. Goodbye remnants of Richmond Mall, you served my youth well.

  2. Saw so many movies here growing up. It was the spot! Didnt even recognize it until I saw your comment

  3. So this is what 1.21 Gigawatts looks like!

  4. Love this place. The Singapore style noodles are really tasty

  5. On reddit people say it's no big deal and we are a safe distance away. On Twitter people say this was a Chernobyl level event and we are all gonna get cancer . I guess we can choose what we want to believe 😅

  6. Everybody's talking about Hurts fumble, which was obviously bad, but honestly the back breaker was that disaster of a punt return. ST coverage has been bad all year and it finally bit us.

  7. we went for it on 4th down all season, except for this one 4th and 2. and it turns into that awful botched punt. did that kicker slip on the field too or what?

  8. appreciate the lower prices on the buckeye relief stuff here

  9. Many scenes in Deer Hunter were filmed in Cleveland actually, so you are spot on!

  10. The glove is great. Same strain as gary payton I think

  11. Schromulan, Cuban linx, super lemon haze, blackjack, orange 43, whip it. Check my post “terpinolene fans unite” for more.

  12. Durban Poison from Standard Wellness. Incredible taste and effect. The value is insane and I buy it every time I see it.

  13. Man I've been trying to watch this movie since the summer. cant find it anywhere. Never seen a movie so thoroughly scrubbed from the internet

  14. All Quiet on the Western Front , the recent Netflix film. It was beautifully made, and a poignant message. But it was so damn bleak and depressing , I hesitate to reccomend it

  15. I got a live resin 510 of layer cake and it just tastes like hay and grass unfortunately. I'm guessing it was a bad batch cuz the super lemon haze cart I got tastes amazing

  16. I drafted miles 64th and aj like 30 something in fantasy. 12-1 so far , best season ever

  17. Brioso is the best by far , one line 2nd. Everybody else posting dk what they're talking about

  18. Love the flavor and smell of this one , super heavy on the linalool . One of the most delicious strains I've had in the program imo. bought 1 tenth a while ago then bought 2 more of the select and it was all great

  19. Bangkok thai on refugee road is the best thai in the city , surprised noone has mentioned. Also Saraga international grocery, and belles bread

  20. this. as a vegan, it's the best spot in the city IMO.

  21. 100% agreement, from a vegetarian . Meat eaters will love it too tho

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