Protest at my school today

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  1. Is he confirmed dead or "Only" missing? Any chance you can survive this long missing?

  2. The Guardian are reporting he’s been found and is hospital. Fingers crossed

  3. While I agree cocaine is definitely not fine I don't think its production would be destructive to communities if it was not highly illegal.

  4. We can barely control the drink culture in this country. Are we ready to throw the door even wider open?

  5. throwing the doors open is a risk for sure but gotta weigh up devastation caused by criminalising loads of poor people (their kids and other family in particular) vs curbing antisocial behavior, which is way out of hand.

  6. The only problem is that criminal gangs will find something else addictive and illegal to control, cos that’s how they accumulate power and control. So all we’ll have done is lower the bar and open more people up to addictive substances. Our support for addiction is currently pretty pathetic, adding more people on top isn’t going to help, and criminals still proliferate.

  7. Screw that, jump to 1530 and cover Henry VIII and his mad escapades

  8. Brigids day - or at least the festival of Brigid which was called Imbolc - loooong predates Christianity. Just like Easter, Christmas…

  9. Actually, it's not regarded as necessary in the US. It's just considered best practice, but very much left up to the parents.

  10. It seems more of a tradition in that case. There’s certainly no medical need to lop off your todgers helmet

  11. I've posted this a few times, and people love to downvote it, but since I don't give a fuck about downvotes, I'll post it again:

  12. I don’t judge anyone for following the advice of their medical professionals, and you’re right to post it. But America is one of the very few countries where this is the advice. That’s all I’m saying.

  13. Ireland ranks 11th in perceived corruption =/= Ireland has no corruption.

  14. I just avoid tescos because of this club card scam. Doesn’t everyone else do the same?

  15. Breath of the Wild has greatly misrepresented the danger of harvesting durians

  16. The crowd being so close isn’t that inaccurate for NY’ers. Bunch of nosey pricks 🤣🤣

  17. If we’ve learned anything from the pandemic it’s that when the zombie apocalypse happens, there will be people running towards the zombies

  18. Well the COVID thing was 2+ years and it's now been replaced by climate change. I believe in both by the way, but the all encompassing nature of both of them is ridiculous. It's like Orwell's eternal war.

  19. No, climate change and Covid are real crises. Nothing I say will convince you otherwise so we’ll leave it there, except to say that people have different ways of dealing with existential threats, and I accept this is your way.

  20. I said they were both real in my original post - but running news stories literally all the time about them in the most scary way possible, and exaggerating or outright lying about the risk and reach of them is most definitely NOT the way to deal with them.

  21. You and I have very different recollections of how it was reported. Was it wall to wall? Of course it was, it affected everyone’s lives HUGELY. They did their job by reporting on what public health officials and the govt were reporting.

  22. I loved Barry keoghan in it he portrayed Galway accent so well and just his general acting skills but I found it got quite dark. Personally my take is, it’s about the old folklore and depression of a small island in that era. The superstition, mental health, being oppressed and covering it with satire and humour. Might not be everyone’s take but it’s mine anyway and did a bit of theatre in my day.

  23. You had it right the first time: it’s the Civil War, not the one right before it. It’s the war that got Collins killed, not the war that got us our freedom.

  24. My boy clapped his hands like damn straight I won that shit

  25. Yeah I noticed that at the time. Roll the window down, stick the stoic head on and make sure they get a clear shot of your face. Wankers

  26. Lots of people assume that. He is an evangelical Protestant as is his family.

  27. Potato, potato. Religious zealot, whatever the colour of religion

  28. People have no idea how expensive it is to run a business. Like none. Rent, rates, electricity, P30 payments to employee people, insurance, stock, cost of deliveries… all have jumped massively in the last 3 years - plus many businesses warehoused debt during the Covid crises and creditors are calling in debts.

  29. €6 Pint - 54c Excise Duty, €1.50 VAT, 18c Charge for Cashless Payment. Pint from a keg costs estimated €2.10 excluding VAT

  30. Because I have a drinking problem. But it’s been 15 days without a sip of alcohol so far, so that’s atleast an achievement for me

  31. That's horrific, the poor man, it seems to be getting worse. My 77 year old Mother was assaulted at The Mater Hospital A&E three weeks ago. Luckily She didn't suffer from any injuries. Security were nowhere to be found.

  32. I think young people can't do much to help themselves, bar save money, make sacrifices and wait for your time.

  33. The single biggest chance you have is to get politically active. Get your friends politically active. Vote. Vote. Vote. You’d be surprised how few people your age and younger vote. It’s always been like this, but big changes happen when politicians realise that the younger voters are motivated by a single issue.

  34. Vote? If young people aren't engaging in illegal strikes and economic disruption that brings whole sections of the economy to a halt, then fuck all is changing.

  35. Maybe start with vote, and move to economic destruction second.

  36. Absolutely... The quality of the jam used in doughnuts has dropped in most cases.

  37. In some cases it’s an absolute war crime the shite that’s pumped into my jammy donut. Tesco is the biggest culprit. Heads need to roll

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