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  1. One of the reasons I like my iPhone over my old android is because I can now turn news notifications off. I was so fed up with being informed with headlines of pointless stories, seemingly against my will.

  2. Perculated coffee is the best. I also got one for Christmas and some coffee, ground specifically for it. Lovely!

  3. I have, but admittadly had taken some psilocybin mushrooms before entering the kitchen

  4. I think I did myself some psychological damage trying to hold in the tears while watching the last 20 minutes of Marley and Me.

  5. Ah yes, cherry tomato and bolt; the well known liquids

  6. Those are rookie numbers, you're gonna have to push those numbers up.

  7. Putting a lot of faith in the integrity of those bags

  8. Some young girls were smoking weed on the train today. Skipped right past the vape and went straight to the herb. Brave, until the guard caught her and she went red like a beetroot. Guess the city...

  9. I had the particularly terrible experience of accepting a job offer from one of these, earlier this year. I was messed around from the very beginning, from being told there was three weeks paid training, only to find out I wouldn't be paid a base salary and it was door to door selling from the off, to them mixing up the days or something, so two days in a row I travelled to their office and was sent away both times. They asked me to come in the next day and I politely told them where to put it.

  10. Large print only and with pictures 'cus too many word boring

  11. Why are you going to indianapolis, Bill?

  12. Vaccines are intramuscular, not intravenous.

  13. Visited Staithes and walked along Cleveland way to Skinningrove and Loftus in 2020. Stunning part of the world.

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