1. My sister was born with downs, she had a congenital heart defect (Atrioventricular Septal Defect) and spent her short life in hospital.

  2. I’m so sorry to hear about your sister and what you and your family had to go through.

  3. The thing I find crazy about all of this is: parenting is damn hard work. If your child doesn’t have an obvious ‘additional need’ at birth you don’t know if they will have one later in life, if they will get cancer, if they have serious mental health problems… you don’t know what life will throw at you.

  4. "Advertisers" is another word for "Twitter's actual customers".

  5. It’s like he didn’t learn about being a butcher before he started.

  6. OP a please update us, what happened??

  7. Deserved a medal not a prison sentence.

  8. Is it just me who loved the ghana decal, perfect amount of colors for me

  9. Anyone know how to get Ghana decal ?

  10. Play any one match. Then you'll get the country banners (it will be in one folder in game garage). Equip it and complete the challenge to get decals from Africa. It's one of the casual playlists challenge, 5 matches of it.

  11. I know that… but which casual list 🙃?

  12. Excuse me, why shit in Cadbury’s?!

  13. This question is so wrong. You can literally be overpaid and underpaid in any profession. Someone that underperforms but is payed a mint is overpaid… it has nothing to do with the profession itself.

  14. Which challenge to get this one??

  15. Not sure, but it's one of the casual ones, I grinded those last night. It's not in the extra modes (snow, hoops, rumble, dropshot), since I don't have those yet.

  16. And I agree with you. They need to the flag but didn’t have to make it so dominant on the front! Defo takes away from the overall design.

  17. I can understand the aversion to fish sushi, I'd give vegetable sushi a try though (except the one with cucumbers in, I avoid that).

  18. What you got against cucumbers ?!

  19. Shut the company, be a sole trader and have an easy life. If things really take off and you do get more work consider it at a later date.

  20. You bastard op. I clicked this picture many times to play the video.

  21. The problem is running a charity is actually very hard work, requires a lot of skill, time, people and money. The bigger they get the more of this they require. They can’t support their cause without paying a ceo, paying staff, etc etc. So yes you might be paying towards someone’s salary but you have to look at the bigger picture of what that charity is doing and achieving with their ‘profits’.

  22. People in this thread are only seeing the advantages of dropping out to improve at rocket League vs finishing high school. I saw a podcast where JohnyBoi mentioned that high-school gives a balance to these teenagers lives, and I totally agree. It is hard work, but I'd say its much better than just play rocket league 24/7 and have your social life outside rocket league dwindle away

  23. Yup, fully agree with this. I honestly think it will make his gameplay worst, purely because he is investing so much more into it... so much more will be at stake. It piles unnecessary pressure on teenager.

  24. This is a terrible idea. I don't think at his age he should be able to make such a life changing decision. High school is one of the most important parts of growing up.

  25. Just paid £8 for 6 dinky donuts at a local fair. Holy shit.

  26. Nah they didn’t win the world championship

  27. Only 40k viewers in the main stream for a regional grand final? Seems kinda low, no?

  28. Yes it’s low, but- last regional, KC in the final again, no teams that are left have a massive RL fan following left like oxygen, moist etc.

  29. Yea would love this, think it would be something super awesome and a nice change to RLCS.

  30. Hey Op I honestly wouldn’t read too much into the upvoted comments on Reddit. For some reason (we all know why) Reddit has a habit of supporting the adversary.

  31. I’m assuming it’s because employers have noticed a downturn in productivity. Or they’re predicting poor market conditions so want to change things up a bit.

  32. Another EU bracket that is the of all time.

  33. Ok guys, I took many of your comments on board (the fun ones, not the boring ones. You guys go home). This was my reply:

  34. This is pure gold. Hat off to you sir!

  35. Right now it’s not looking like a great choice is it? Hopefully that will change for the Furia boys.

  36. From a purely competitive/prize money standpoint: terrible move, NA is incredibly strong, and if they wanted to increase the quality of opponent while still making the major they should’ve gone to EU where the top 5 is weaker

  37. Top 5 is weaker? Lol. We will see at lan.

  38. So awsome to see Gen G finally get the W. You could just tell in their first series vs G2… they just were not losing today. Total determination and domination!

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