1. so, as a filipino who went vegan 7 years ago, i sadly said bye to some of my favorite childhood meals, but i made the concession in my head because animals deserve better.

  2. I asked the company whether they knew that many people spoke of their culture as being toxic.

  3. As someone that will never have kids, and has a nephew with autism, I want this watch to be able to hand down to him acknowledging full well that Rolex didn’t make this for that purpose.

  4. Tongue Scraper, Fisher Space pen, self adhesive velco pads, comfy slip on shoes for a quick trip outside.

  5. bought fake crocs in the philippines on our honeymoon in 2016. still use them to this day, for this exact reason. they've outlasted years of nikes

  6. no canadian bank will go bankrupt, they’re too well regulated

  7. Every update about this story is worse and every time it's the VPD making themselves look like violent clowns.

  8. Someone taught me to pay attention to what fruits and vegetables are kept cold at the grocery store and to copy that.

  9. More awesome if I find her her home as my dog doesn't get along well with others. Felt so bad for her though. Terrified hiding in a container as trains went by all day and out in the cold drinking muddied water

  10. so we overfish the oceans and are surprised that populations have decreased?

  11. His older brother Fox crossed the rainbow bridge earlier this month. I think he missed his friend. And I thought March 2020 was rough…

  12. sorry for your loss, and thank you for giving your dog the best possible life he could ever ask for

  13. they’ll try to trap you by asking if you bought any cooking wine from trader joes, which is technically alcohol so there’s a cap on what you’re allowed to bring in.

  14. Taking a big deep breath in for 5 seconds, holding for 3 , releasing for 7.

  15. no chains like that’s a bad thing guess what mfker, denny’s is straight garbage fire

  16. the first 30 minutes of Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping had me dying

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