1. I don't understand these one sided demands. "I can't take the maximum time to ship, but you better not take the maximum time to rate."

  2. I've got an ebay package that left here and sat in Mobile not even 15 minutes away for 3 days. Buyer seems agitated at me of course. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  3. A few quirky shots of our 2018 Touring. Another coat of Powerlock Plus since the temperatures have warmed up. This was even after a couple 40+ minute drives since applying yesterday.

  4. A simple no works. Or what you did is fine. Ignore the ones Saying to block. Enough of that for everything little annoyance and you won't have any buyers. Geeze.

  5. You’re right that you don’t have to block everyone, but you are 100% wrong that you would ever run out of buyers. Not literally or even lightyears away from literally.

  6. Of course. Hyperbole. Although, depending on what you sell, you may limit your sales. You're literally cutting off someone from ever buying anything from you again. It just seems like an over reaction unless their behavior is extremely ridiculous.

  7. Get a postal scale. Enter your shipping weight when you lost items. Anyone that wants to argue shipping can go pound sand.

  8. "just because you don't understand something, THE WAY WE DO, doesn't mean it doesn't exist."

  9. I love when it gets to the part where she demands respect and then calls you Satan. lol. My mom has done the same. The hypocrisy. 🤦🏻‍♂️. Then they'll continue to knock on door and label themselves "persecuted" if someone restricts that. I just cringe so much with this BS. Wow.

  10. Beautiful car. Mother-in-law went from a 2014 Sport to this car. I detail it for her. That V6 is a beast lol.

  11. As with any theist. We don't understand, but it can be true..

  12. Coronavirus hysteria is still in full effect I see. Wow.

  13. It's because, and you will see so many toe suckers in this sub Reddit fly to mercaris defense, mercari fucking sucks and want to control the entire conversation in order to make sure they don't miss out on any money off site. Desperate attempts to silence you over probably nothing because they are terrified that a sale may take place outside of mercari, because at the end of the day mercari is just exposure on a platform for your item. Extremely anti consumer.

  14. Sad you're downvoted. This is so true. I've tried to have conversations with buyers and sellers and it happens all the time when nothing of the sort is being talked about. It's so hypersensitive.

  15. It's really more that just that. If I want to talk about eBay in a message then I have every reason and right to talk about fucking eBay in my message. Now if I explicitly say hey message me over at eBay so I can sell or trade then yeah I think I can see the problem even though it's still mercari going way overboard for sometimes pennies. Ill say it again it's extremely anti consumer to control their speech in this way.

  16. Yeah. Agreed. It makes something that should take 2 minutes and turns it into double that or more of frustration for buyer and seller.

  17. Did I just see this on IG or did I just see this twice here? I must be tired lol. Kinda wanna snatch one of these up for fun.

  18. There's nothing off-road about these. The grilles are hideous in every application..just stop already.

  19. I used vinyl wrap and did it just how you would normally wrap a car if that helps

  20. I've never wrapped a car or anything. Where did you get the wrap?

  21. VViVid vinyl is the brand I used. Install in warmer conditions it’ll help the process. Obviously you’ll want at least a good hair dryer to install the vinyl. Watch some YouTube videos that’s what I did. Took a decent amount of time but I eventually got the hang of doing this small vinyl stuff

  22. I've wrapped small interior pieces with a thick carbon looking vinyl once. And I have a heat gun. I'm excited to give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration. 👍

  23. Didn't really think this would work great, but I was quite surprised. My dad brought some Olympus bino's and I figured I'd give it a shot.

  24. The fact that Avatar hasn't been available in 4k is just ridiculous. It was a movie that was all about pushing technology. It's just so odd that out of every movie to not have a 4k upgrade this is the one. lol.

  25. I counter offer full price when people do this. lol.

  26. So many people these days have. Hair trigger for banning. It's insane. You literally block off all future possibilities with someone. I don't get it. Not just when it comes to Mercari either. Sad.

  27. Read the bible with the same level of Critical thinking that got you out, and you wouldn't join any group that supports that book.

  28. Could someone please edit this so that it looks more realistic?

  29. Too bad you didn't also have those stickers someone has been making. That would've been epic.

  30. Rating based on the shipping provider should be a violation and worthy of being removed. I've had Amazon seller ratings removed because they weren't actually rating the product or me in the respective area.

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