1. See what an AAA discount will get you. Won’t be near 100/night including, as others point out, transportation.

  2. If you’re just looking for a bed with not many amenities in the city I’ve stayed at this hostel many times and would recommend it for location American Dream Bed and Breakfast

  3. I’m in the same boat. I’m looking for used GoPros. There’s a lot of inventory, just confused as to what to get. I found a good deal on a 9 that I’m thinking about pulling the trigger on.

  4. Make sure you go for the 7 black if you want to be able to charge and swap batteries the 7 white skip and the silver is okish but the batteries is built in and can’t be swapped with a spare for charging all just use a usb cable

  5. not swapping batteries is just doesn't instill confidence in me. I think I will have to go with the black

  6. You're better off without it. I nuked my Facebook last week. Best thing I've done for my mental health in the past 16 years. (I'd been on Facebook that long unfortunately...)

  7. nahh, I wanted to integrate instagram login on the website I have been working on. Needed a facebook account to sign in to the developer portal.

  8. yea I don't use instagram. I am trying to integrate it for others. You know how you have social logins on platforms. Like you can login in with Google, or facebook. I am doing that.

  9. Some of the experiences would leave one flabbergasted. Even been to court before.

  10. yea, that is it! Thanks for reminding me about it. I completely forgot. I was sure there was one about bad design just couldn't remember the name

  11. No, but from South Asia. Why don't you start it off as a instagram page, since it was a free resource in the first place?

  12. do you think you can get some of your friends to sign up as well?

  13. I can definitely see how this sort of platform can be useful. For instance when a group goes on a clinical rotation we are assigned a certain number of patients but we don't get to follow up on the patients of other students or other groups, unless we make a system among ourselves to share our cases. But this sort of platform is great to get exposure from around the world..

  14. here is a medium cut, I am gonna make a super cut version as well

  15. I don't need more things to manage. I already have enough of that.

  16. thank you! you just saved me months of work that would have been in vain.

  17. Managing is kinda personal and everyone has their own tools they like, but I suspect most would agree with me.

  18. how did you deploy? i built an app too and have been banging my head against the wall trying to get it live so i can show it off and get hired. i was just figuring out heroku when they pulled the free-tier rug from under me :\

  19. I have used the DO droplets before and i have been pretty happy with them. A 5 dollar one should suffice. You can even host multiple sites on those. It will be a little more tricky to setup than heroku, but nothing you can't do in a couple of hours.

  20. don't underestimate my ineptitude. i've been trying to deploy with

  21. https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-django-with-postgres-nginx-and-gunicorn-on-ubuntu-16-04#create-and-configure-a-new-django-project

  22. good point, I think it must have just been easier to implement.

  23. As a polyamorous individual who has to deal with jealousy pretty regularly, I think these aren't bad.

  24. This is a post I made after going through migration hell :

  25. Thanks! Do you have any advice for redesigning a database structure?

  26. I think drawing it out is good advice. Also, listening to DoctorStorm is probably the best advice I can give. He knows his stuff.

  27. That's cool, but feel free to put yourself out there, we're a pretty friendly lot here, and the senior devs and full-stack veterans tend to chime in when they see an opening and clear way to help. Otherwise, they're just listening, but they are listening is the point.

  28. yea, the community here is amazing. I will make a post about it, maybe some of the newer devs will find it useful. and for anyone who wants the link :

  29. A five hour video! Son, ain't nobody got five hours to watch that video! I'm sure it's good, though, just playing around with you.

  30. this is a very old monitor, I just use it for discord and music.

  31. Yes you can and it’s better cause you save some money again. I recommend SanDisk Extreme Portable 500GB SSD. It’s better than Samsung. Read about it.

  32. There is a guy on YouTube who hit this sad many times and he put this hard drive to mixer and everything was fine after that. You also can set password.

  33. Maybe a runs test could be of interest? Hard to know what you mean by “random” though

  34. yea, randomness is hard to define. That is why I was looking for tests that are industry standards

  35. I don’t know anything about how random number generators work. The tests in the documentation are generic ones, used in many different ways.

  36. I have a lot of numbers> I wanna see how randomly distributed they are. There isn't a huge goal. I just thought this would a good way to learn a little about stats and randomness. Always fascinated me

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