Lady gets arm crushed in a machine

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Women enters military installation without authorisation.

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  1. Shit my bad for the singularity it’s 16.95 hours

  2. This actually makes the most sense, but it really depends on context. IMO MPH must be the best option if we’re talking about functional use. It is neuroprotective and it is more productive with less dependance/wd risk.

  3. I was thinking about trying some benz out for work but have heard mixed reviews

  4. My roommate a 23 your old dude never works and gets all his money from his grandma while I 21 have to work 40 plus hours a week to get by

  5. Stop cold turkey is probs your best bet tbh. Delete your dealers number and flush the rest. There’s no easy way to quit u just have to stop and try to sleep and eat something healthy and keep going day after day.

  6. What soil did u use and how much light wattage?

  7. I can’t even imagine how all that would heal up or if they would just have to amputate

  8. Doesn’t your state ID have to have the same address on it tho?

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