It took 6 years, but I finally managed to play every single game that I own on Steam

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  1. I’ll see my dog walking around sometimes and wonder what’s sticking out of her face? Oh, it’s a cat claw.

  2. He looks like a small jungle king with the blue throne and the green plants. What a beautiful photo and gorgeous boi

  3. Thank you! He’s a beautiful proud jerk and we are lucky to get to pet him until he bites to say that’s enough.

  4. My first thought was, this is a Ken doll

  5. You can pin actions to the top of the swipe down command pallet. I’ve also added ‘new note’ action to my editor bar.

  6. Fill jugs and donate them to elementary schools. Elmer’s glue is also PVA.

  7. Im asexual and therefore I’m attracted to you as a friend

  8. Not school stuff and dumb calculations, let me tell you that much.

  9. Absolutely. I fell in love after I was no longer forced to do math school and could do my own exploration of it.

  10. It is an inkstone and ink for calligraphy. You put water in the dish part and rub the ink in it to the desired consistency.

  11. When has dice ever rolled a 0? Never. All dice start at 1 so that leaves only 1 option with percentile dice: 100

  12. Doesn’t this logic say 00 0 would be 100 + 10 = 110? I was thinking 90 0 could be 100; 90 + 10.

  13. My brother has a habit of using the filler phrase ‘but, fuckin,’

  14. Surely decorative. The lions head door knockers were originally (and still) used as actual door knockers, but they’ve since been widely used as handles and purely decorative ornaments across many cultures. I think they originate from Rome.

  15. I started with DH and then I switched to normal Colemak after about two weeks… and actually the nicest surprise to me was that the V key was in a much better position using normal Colemak. I use copy and paste commands A LOT and having the v swapped with d had me doing a lot of ctrl+d when I meant to paste.

  16. Same here! started with DH, changed to vanilla and it felt like a relief. Less muscle memory to change and the convenience of keeping ctrl+v.

  17. But how could you let your acquisition skills decline so much???

  18. Does he fish? Looks like a ‘fish calm down stick’

  19. I think it’s the reflection of a spiderweb thread floating in the breeze that happens to track closely to the path of the power line. When it goes to the far right side you can see it floating up past the power line and you can also see other thread reflections in other directions later in the clip.

  20. Anus Tilties: I get this after I eat Taco Bell

  21. Sounds like a bad foreign translation of twerking

  22. Around when this was in theaters, I was invited to see the movie ‘

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