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  1. Maybe if you work at a PETG only filament company this would get your fired

  2. I still have no idea why the characters did half the things they did in that movie but I still loved it.

  3. When you watched it, we’re you familiar with the source material for all of the characters?

  4. Even if that movie was written poorly the action scenes more than make up for it in a watchable sense.

  5. “You keep my movie’s name out of your fucking mouth!”

  6. I haven’t read too many discworld novels, but I enjoyed some of the lines from Guards! Guards! So much that I had to write them down.

  7. Her breath was so bad I couldn’t make out with her. All I could think of was “don’t vomit, don’t vomit”

  8. Had that but with a smoker. I soldiered on because she was hotter than I thought I should be able to pull at the time, but still… I remember the smoky taste more than the making out.

  9. It sounds disgusting, I've listened to bunnies eat IRL and would turn the volume up if i could, not mute it like i did this video

  10. Being disgusted at that sound is the proper response.

  11. Didn’t realize you had named them. Good choices!

  12. NTA I'm sorry- there wasn't a single other person your wife could have called but you? Yes, obviously you make sense as the first phone call but once you acknowledge that yeah- you couldn't pick Mary up that night, you'd (reasonably) had too much to drink. Your wife should have said okay, Let Me Call Someone Else.

  13. Yep. His wife wasn’t upset with him, she was upset and he was the only convenient target.

  14. Started Tress of the Emerald Sea, by Brandon Sanderson

  15. Ah, back in the Masters of the Universe days.

  16. You never answered whether or not it dilutes his point. I’m curious what you think.

  17. And that invalidates what was said to you?

  18. People describing “the bear” inside of them as a separate entity are only looking to distance themselves from the responsibility of their actions.

  19. Thanks again to whomever recommended this game in this sub. So much fun.

  20. Yep. There’s a toggle in the options.

  21. My favorite sound in the world is that whiny bitch-noise they make right after getting hit. It's as if it never occurred to her that it could happen no matter how hard she asks for it.

  22. That’s your favourite sound? I’m sorry dude. That sucks.

  23. I especially love the backstory of this song. Chris Murphy wrote it about his relationship with Leslie Feist, who was also dating Andrew Whiteman of Broken Social Scene.

  24. Man, the Toronto music scene is incestuous, eh?

  25. Epcot centre. Saw it young enough to really enjoy it.

  26. Never mind federal government interference in 2019 election.

  27. Dude(tte), take a breath for a moment and just consider the implications of this without jumping to partisan BS immediately.

  28. The knob and slider are fantastic additions. I think it’s the kind of thing you’d instantly miss on another keyboard.

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