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  1. This seems like an old map. I think Popa is the most common last name in Romania, Horvath in Hungary and Rusu in R. Moldova.

  2. Si noi am vrea ca o celula din cea mai severa inchisoare din R. Moldova sa fie populata cu Dodon si alte scursuri ca el.

  3. Poate fi administrata intravenos in loc de substanta de contrast. /s

  4. Da. Doar ca din moment ce autoritatile de la Chisinau si-au dat acceptul pentru interconectare pe partea de energie electrica abia in ceasul al doisprezecelea + 1, vor mai trece minim inca 2 ani pana cand indienii vor construi liniile de tensiune (daca se va dovedi a fi o firma serioasa; in India activitatea lor lasa de dorit).

  5. He's not gay, he is just a mass murderer. No biggie. /s

  6. What an asshole! So he blocked the 18 billion euros aid for Ukraine from the EU to only give 180 million euros from Hungary (1%). And that should make it all peachy. This irredentist russian puppet is really taking everyone in the EU for an idiot. No shame whatsoever! F..k you, Orban!

  7. Etnicii rusi din clip sunt total desprinsi de realitate. Parca traiesc in alta tara sau intr-un univers paralel numit ''Lumea propagandei ruse''. Cred ca daca Putin li s-ar usura pe cap, ar spune senini ca e doar o ploaie calda de vara. Doar ''Putin e un om asa cumsecade'', trebuie doar sa te umilesti in fata teroristilor si gata, totul se va rezolva ca prin minune.

  8. In Romanian we call the country Germania, while the people are called both germani and nemți.

  9. Dupa 2014, chiar daca ar fi facut asa ceva, ar fi fost inutilizabil. De ce? Pentru ca zborurile ar fi fost interzise deasupra spatiului aerian al Ucrainei si Romaniei. Singura lor speranta era probabil ca din nou cineva de la Chisinau sa spuna ''si transnistrenii sunt cetatenii nostri, asa ca noi va dam voie''.

  10. Da, pe la Cuciurgan, din vina tuturor politicienilor de la Chisinau din 1991 incoace. Nu e o informatie de data recenta. Se stie ca ddin moment ce nu s-a dorit interconectarea cu Romania, asta a ramas singura solutie pentru a putea distribui energie electrica in R. Moldova.

  11. L-am vazut ieri pe Facebook. R. Moldova e un bebelus aflat in bratele mamei Romania in acest video. Mi s-a parut draguta ideea.

  12. I thought Moldovans used Cyrillic. That's like the big thing is they speak Romanian but they write it with Cyrillic.

  13. Since they are romanian ethnics and speak romanian language, the latin alphabet is the normal one as in Romania. The cyrillic one was imposed by Russia/USSR after it occupied the territory to better russify the local population. The cyrillic alphabet was a remnant of the russian/soviet occupation, so it was removed in 1991. Only the breakaway separatist region of Transnistria still imposes it as part of their russification and assimilation efforts of all other ethnic groups than russian.

  14. Viktor Orban is basically a hungarian Vladimir Putin. The only difference is it does not have a huge army. Othrwise he would have done the same as Russia did, invading its neighbours. Another irredentist shithead that wants to take Europe and the world back to the 19th century.

  15. Is this shitposting? Ukraine has 600.000 km2 with all the territories, USA has around 10 million km2. Obviously this map is highly misleading. You can actually fit around 16 Ukraines in the territory of US.

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