1. Predicting it now, if KRN meets Falcons, they're gonna win.

  2. Yeah, but what does he know. He's just an NA player, probably doesn't even watch EU.

  3. Wavepunk is so criminally underused.

  4. The top 12 is so close together you could pick any order and it would be correct.

  5. I would say there are groupings of close areas but BDS basically needs to be 1 and g2 has to be 2. then from there there are groups of 3 or 4 that stay in their areas.

  6. Gonna stand by my opinion that neither G2 or BDS looked particularly good at Worlds. Which means they certainly have a floor that can be surpassed by at least Top 6 teams.

  7. Steps to produce the perfect video:

  8. A French org with 3 French players. EU sure knows how to keep things fresh.

  9. 1v1 would lend itself greatly to a round robin regional league with open qualifier playins. International Finals would be groups into Single elim. While I usually hate single elim in all other modes I think it's perfect for 1v1. Double elim would not feel right and is an unnecessary mental strain on the players.

  10. I could honestly get behind that too. I wasn't following pro Rocket League when it happened, but Salt Mine seems like it was so hype to follow. I wonder if the round robin would turn into a drag after a while though if it happened too often.

  11. I think it would be important to get player feedback on this. We all know that RL players are complete shit at committing to things. So I would already think about doing big chunks of each player doing at least 2 matches on game day to have fewer dates to commit to.

  12. So now that we lost evoh and nwpo, I wonder what's gonna happen to zen.

  13. Evoh was never even in the same league as zen or nwpo. He was hyped but he was never going to be this absolute monster in 3s right off the jump

  14. He's the hottest rookie in NA, that's why he's comparable. The fact that he's a tier below zen and nwpo is only a concern for NA.

  15. I would remove all the money from the Worlds LAN and give it to Rizzo's Regain tournaments. No one goes to Worlds for the money anyway.

  16. Good that we had this match, considering they're never gonna meet at a LAN.

  17. Good for him. Obviously something didn't work out and now he can look somewhere else for somethiung better.

  18. Everyone's always asking where's Ronaky, nobody ever asks how is Ronaky.

  19. It's really only a matter of time until he wins Worlds.

  20. I wonder if I'm the only one who is still super skeptical about OXG and Goldbridge. I mean on paper they are great, but we've seen that before.

  21. Got excited and then saw that it's only national teams. Nevermind then.

  22. EU’s a Mickey region now because everyone moved to NA so surely we’ll get to see G1 Atomik vs G2 atomic at the fall Major without issue

  23. I mean yeah, EU has lost all depth now and there are maybe like 4 good teams and 5th place will go to a random bubble team.

  24. I will never respect teams like that who won't call themselves the Leftovers.

  25. I feel like a lot of people are gonna underrate evoh based on how the team has been doing.

  26. Well, his team didn't.Probably rapid's fault, he's been so distracted with twitter recently.

  27. I'll accept DarkZero flairs as thanks.

  28. The 4-time has no need for lowly regionals.

  29. I feel like SSG is gonna have the highest floor out of all NA teams. Can't really do bad with Daniel and Lj on your team.

  30. Better than a lot of other new orgs that just entered

  31. It's just such a very specific word that has nothing to do with sports at all. I'd rather have some cringe generic term like XSET or Gen.G, than something that just invokes cold moss fields. It's like calling your org "Pine Forest".

  32. Tundra is a terrible name for a team. I think I'll keep my Top Blokes flair.

  33. There was a series in Spring Split where Aztral just completely decimated the other team, but I forgot which one. Might've been the last Regional.

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