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Did somebody say 'Murica?

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I needed this today

To the MOON.

  1. One day, when p00bix was meditating in the caves near Meccah, he was approached by the angel Gabriel.

  2. Unfortunately p00bix was arrested and placed in a gulag for anti-revolutionary sentiment (insufficient malice towards January 6 rioters). He will not be seen again.

  3. it's a bit of a cliche but I just want to fuck off to india for 6 months and come back with my life reset and with a new perspective

  4. Go somewhere with the Peace Corps?

  5. I'm going to cheat and pick a play but I really like Lonely Planet

  6. im going to my first model un conference and I look like utter shit with a 60 dollar blazer and sneakers

  7. I looked far worse at my first one and I still won best delegate 💪😎 don't sweat it

  8. One day, I hope to discover a chemical reaction that will make it into every organic chemistry textbook.

  9. What is the all-time best officially released (so no 1000 in 1 bootlegs) video game compilation of all time?

  10. I like this idea! There's one thing that I could see being a problem and that is how I've avoided actually collecting the contents of a ping comment for privacy reasons. That's why ping messages are like "you have been pung by ___ in ____" but don't include the comment text - it's only metadata

  11. I just realized that I am finally the age that matches the number of my username.

  12. Won't lie, the borders of Europe would look a lot cleaner if

  13. Ew no, that weird hit of Germany just sticking out at the bottom is awful

  14. If you had to choose between Mao or Stalin to be the next US president, there is no other choice, who would you pick?

  15. It do be lightening and thundering 😳😳

  16. Throwaway from obvious reasons, but my since chat gpt-4 has come out, my girlfriend is obsessed. Every night before bed, she is glued to her iPad, sucked into her prompts. Im a software engineer so I understand the allure of AI and use it for work, mostly automated some scripts, but her obsession with chat gpt has made me wonder if this tech is a good thing.

  17. He used to post pretty actively in the Discussion Thread

  18. Why yes, I do downvote any post that mentions civilian ownership of firearms in a nonnegative light. Why do you ask?

  19. I’m gonna be honest here, “The Finals” is a terrible name for a set of exams

  20. I like them because I usually have my volume off so I can see what they're saying

  21. If I was a molecule experiencing a noncovalent interaction it’d be a van der Waals force - weak and difficult to be near anyone for extended periods of time :(

  22. Identifying the shape of Nebraska as a $2,000 clue is certainly up there for one of the most overpriced clues this season.

  23. Especially with "Lincoln" as such a prominent part of the category


  25. 8 toilets per commercial outlet seems a bit much

  26. I'll do this in a few hours when I get to my desktop, if I haven't by then please bug me about it

  27. Ke Huy Quan is 5'4". Short king ✊👑

  28. U-Um, if it's okay with you, I can try to explain the assassination of John F. Kennedy in Among Us terms. 💫🚀

  29. I had a “Drop Bush Not Bombs” bumper sticker on my Yukon XL in 2003 so I’ve been part of the resistance for a lonnng time


  31. Donald Trump is being arrested 😳😳

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