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  1. Woolsworth’s are still around? I thought they died out in the 80s

  2. So far away that I’ll have to do a rewatch… darn /s

  3. I had rewatched season 2 before this season, but towards the end I felt like I should have rewatched season 1 because of how much the current plot circled around events from the first season. I had to Google who Chris was to remind me of his storyline

  4. If we're talking strictly HBO Max originals it's Peacemaker. Haven't really checked out others. My favorite HBO show is The Leftovers.

  5. Was Mare of EastTown considered HBOMax? If so, add that to my list right next to Peacemaker

  6. Can someone tell me if this is that story about the Peterson author who some say pushed his wife down a staircase? Or maybe the big bird attack or whatever. I assume it is based on the name & the preview, Ive been avoiding this show because of it

  7. Bone. I know the first season never came into fruition, but I was so excited for it.

  8. Stupid question: Is Shazam not in it? I thought Black Adam was his nemesis, so I assumed that movie would feature the two of them.

  9. I think they are setting up a sequel with the 2 of them together

  10. Finally a sale on Catch & Release! Picked that one up. Looking at Pistol Whip but I might wait until its inevitable release on PSVR2 for better tracking.

  11. Pistol Whip has been one of my favorites on PSVR, tons of content has been added over past couple years

  12. My daughter was in a play with his son this past weekend in Murrieta. Apparently Dean attended the Saturday night show & was taking pictures with the cast afterwards.

  13. So does this mean she’s getting killed off in the finale?

  14. I’ll throw another Tom Cruise film out as an example; The Color of Money was a sequel to The Hustler. Both classics, but Color of Money to me is a better watch

  15. Do we know who the actor was? Looked like the guy from Grey’s Anatomy but couldn’t tell

  16. This was pretty fun, scanned through some of the scenes. The Cheshire Cat actor was fully committed to the Cat aspect of his role, but not quite as committed to learning his lines. Also Alice sounds exactly like Harley Quinn

  17. Randy Gregory 2.0? Possibly better than him?

  18. Lol…why are you getting downvoted? Hopefully he is a good as Gregory, that’s probably the last legit pass rusher we’ve had

  19. I think maybe because Gregory was really good and Mathis isn't the same talent as Gregory, although it would be great if he were

  20. I gets what your saying, but he was second team all big XII so it’s not like it’s that drastic of a comparison. Hopefully it translates with our system, I know as fans we all have our fingers crossed

  21. Was that the game Martinez injured his ankle? He never returned to that top speed he had before that game

  22. I use them and have had pretty good luck so far. I hear it boils down the employees running the test. I may score 60% but when the employee walks me through it he’ll generally tell me if the score is close enough in range not to worry. First time pool owner as well, I tried to test my own chemicals in the beginning, but found it way easier to take the sample in as I suck at the testing.

  23. They need to have a “Comeback” Oscar just so Ugly Sonic can win the award

  24. This was actually a lot better than I expected. I’ve heard it described as a modern Roger Rabbit and that’s a decent way to put it. But I would also say there’s a bit of Zootopia thrown in there with the hard-boiled organized crime plot.

  25. It was a great family picture, I was having fun with the 90s nostalgia & my kids were having a blast picking all of their favorite characters out of the crowd

  26. I remember being forced to read My Antonia in high school. It was awful.

  27. I just remember my English teacher being overly excited for that book and the character of “Wicked Wick Cutter”

  28. 3-0 start. Lose to Oklahoma and then Purdue and Illinois will be huge iffy games. To me, those two will determine where this team is truly at. They’ll drop. The last 4. 5-7 kool aid for me.

  29. I hate to say it, but I like Illinois’ trajectory with Bielma at the helm more than ours right now

  30. I would say it’s on par with the original. They are both such different movie experiences. T2 is the ultimate fun “popcorn” hit while the original Terminator was really gritty and disturbing, almost horror film.

  31. I’ve enjoyed it so far. I never watched the Netflix documentary so the story is pretty fresh for me which probably helps. I can see your point if already know what happens it may not be adding anything additional

  32. His wife runs a theater/dance theater in Murrieta that they own together. My daughter has been going to it for the past year, but I haven’t run into him there yet.

  33. Ghostwriter by RJD2. Friend showed me the song a long time ago, I loved it, looked up his other songs and it just wasn't my thing.

  34. I thought Deadringer was a good overall album for RJD2, but I agree his other stuff just never measured up

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