1. This video raised too many questions.

  2. Yeah same here. I have a few missions active and if I have a chance to make progress i will. But for the most part I go in and help randoms. Helped a few with landing the helicopter at Hafid port and extract and LTV at Akdar. I got stuck on those missions for too long so it's nice to help people complete them.

  3. Yea I had a random help me with both of those. Back to back games. I was stuck on them for a minute And then bam two random games and two random ppl were like let’s knock this out. Dmz is cool like that sometimes.

  4. How do they hold up against tier 3 bots?

  5. Blink is not bad in terms of camera operation for me. The app is terrible and makes me regret my purchases. When I hook up the usb to the synch it’s so trash.

  6. If they say activity is increasing there’s a team around.

  7. Is that actually the case, or is the notification tied to AI reinforcements to the area? Reinforcements are likely if another team is killing them, but it seems like I also get that notice after I've killed several.

  8. Any time I hear that I notice a squad is near. Idk for sure.

  9. I would imagine a lot of people getting to those higher tiers don't search for random teammates.

  10. When my squad is on. I get so much more done.

  11. 100%, I don't play DMZ let alone cod without my buddy. This game is far more miserable playing solo/with randoms.

  12. Especially when they don’t use a mic.

  13. You can go in with any custom gun as long as it doesn’t have an official “blueprint” on it. That’s the only “fix” I know of.

  14. Make a copy of the blueprint in multiplayer. Then go back to Dmz and the blueprint and copy will be available.

  15. I’m convinced theres a room deep in the center of akhdar village with like 100 bots guarding it and theres 6,000 blowtorches inside

  16. I made it there. There was actually only 2 blowtorches. But yes 100 bots. Once you loot the blowtorches 2 juggernauts and 3 riot shield guys spawn.

  17. Yea where’s that “body cam” footage

  18. I fixed mine by going into settings. It changed it to party only. I had to switch it back to lobby

  19. He shouldn’t be allowed to resign. He should be fired and prosecuted. A resignation makes it a lot easier to get a job somewhere else.

  20. 100% agree. That’s why cops on other countries behave different. The towns will bring justice .

  21. Dang, I'm out of Reddit coins, but take my poor man's award. Outstanding. Made me laugh my ass off.

  22. You can get a free reward daily to give out. You go to award. Then get coins. And tap the open gift box. And bam free reward to give out. I just learned about this so figured I’d share.

  23. He is just controlling the rent in the neighborhood

  24. I mean. Rent is getting kinda high around here and the range just raised prices also.

  25. Ive drank plenty on Xanax, makes for hearing interesting stories about yourself the next day. You are correct though, doing both together is a dangerous game. It takes a shitload of Xanax to OD on it's own, but only need to sprinkle a little spirits on top to kill ya

  26. Def put down many adult beverages on xan

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