1. Love the Norwegian sweater some grandma must've knitted for him haha.

  2. Really cool to see him expanding the fanbase internationally. And even cooler so many people are on tour from the states!! Billy's awesome, as you've found out. Probably one of the most relatable humans in show biz too. Seems like someone we all grew up with ya know?

  3. Was super cute when he told us he'd only ever been to EU once, for the London shows earlier on, and now doing a full tour here. And that he hadn't even left Michigan until he was 20-something.

  4. I have about 14k minutes and am top 0.05% :D

  5. Jesus. I feel like I listen to music all the time and your Bo is higher than my total

  6. Yea same, they're pretty boring. Don't like the mans voice that much either

  7. Im a local, will be there for my first Strings gig. Really cool to see so many are travelling/following, I know the venue pretty well and it's a very different vibe than what Ive seen from the US

  8. Any pro tips for us? Can I bring an empty water bottle?

  9. I doubt it, bottles are usually the one thing they're looking for. Both cause they want to sell you beverage, and to avoid people throwing it, so anything you buy in there will be without a cap and more likely serves in a cup.

  10. Identify leaks around doors, windows, ventilation and old chimneys. Stop the leaks with appropriate means.

  11. Great way to find draft is just walking around with a candle. You'll see it immediately

  12. Sist det vart stemt om i stortinget så var det kun 4 representantar frå SP som stemte mot kjønnslemlesting av gutar.

  13. 'Ingen' er egentlig spesifikt for (min teori og litt overdrevet), det er bare politisk selvmord (og muligens regelrett farlig) å være i mot.

  14. Ettersom omskjæring av små guttebarn er en grunnleggende del av en religiøs tilhørighet, så er dette et jævla vepsebol å sparke borti. Disse religionene lar seg ikke trosse uten konsekvenser.

  15. Yup, især i disse cancel tider tror jeg det bare er å glemme å bli folkevalgt på en sånn plattform. Selv det å stemme på en som støtter et forbud, vil bli sterkt stigmatisert

  16. Rosetta Stoned with Fred Durst rapping the jibberish part.

  17. It hasn't been. Retailers are mostly too skittish to even admit it exists despite there being pictures of it all over the internet

  18. Some dude literally has videos of him playing it, yet as far as Epiphone/Adam goes, it doesn't exist lol

  19. It’s going to be Adams Gibson Epiphone limited edition guitar. Unless that’s already been officially announced.

  20. It hasn't, and I agree the timing is fitting, but the hashtags or animation really doesn't make sense for that to be it.

  21. Ahh yes, the familiar feeling of waiting for something TOOL related LOL Confirmed I'm on the list for one, but now just waiting until it ships. Rumor is in the next couple of weeks.

  22. Congrats! I think I've managed to reserve one but not gonna celebrate until I can touch it. Shouldn't be too long :)

  23. It honestly looks just like your Epiphone in the pictures we've seen. Does yours have the custom artwork on the back of the headstock as well? (Epiphone is BEAUTIFUL, by the way. Congratulations!)

  24. Not my guitar unfortunately, taken from FB. it is stunning though

  25. Good point! What I understood from interviews with Maynard, however, is that he has a strong urge to always create something. I believe his bands and side businesses are not necessarily for money but to fulfill his creative needs.

  26. Exactly this, just like Danny plays the Baked Potato for essentially free, so obviously he simply enjoys performing/jamming. Seems that some people can't understand doing something for the enjoyment of it.

  27. And/also shit just got delayed as they usually do with this band.

  28. Apparently you can win one for 7,000,000,000,000 Pepsi points.

  29. Var jo stor kanal, fortjener en hyllest på den store redditen.

  30. Stinkfist with live demonstration. Involving manyard and a random selected member of the audience.

  31. i think she was probably being drugged and given alcohol regularly. she wouldn't notice discomfort or pain while high.

  32. I recently read the National Geographic article about her. They analysed her hair and could tell that she was chosen for sacrifice a year before she died. They know because her diet changed very suddenly (she was fed better after being chosen) and she started taking coca. Her alcohol levels spiked 6 months before her sacrifice and then right before she died.

  33. So she got to feast and party like crazy, then died painlessly, went to paradise, saved the village crops and 500 years later became famous? Pretty decent, all in all

  34. I love these so we better have a double feature with the setlist for 2. night. 10 is not enough, I need more.

  35. Hey look the Cenobites are here.

  36. De fleste barnefordelingssaker går vel ikke rettens vei?

  37. Det sitter nok sykt langt inne før en forelder bestemmer seg for å bruke masse tid og penger på at med-foreldren skal bruke masse tid og penger (som kunne/burde/skulle gått til barnet) i retten, og lage større konflikt som i siste rekke går utover barnet.

  38. Rosetta Stoned but he doesn't take acid and ends up remembering his pen.

  39. So just the ranting gibberish mixed up with the Genesis rant from American psycho for 13 minutes

  40. So, how much is Qatar (or FIFA?) paying you. I choose to believe you're just a sellout, not braindead.

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