This note left on my car

I'm catching the vibration

Sometimes you just got to dance with the doots.

Hope to make it to the other side.

That was fun, but I'm glad to be back

  1. Is there any actual legitimate source that 100% can conform its a spy balloon or is this just now a fact based on popular opinion ?

  2. That’s surveillance equipment on a mobile cat walk. The reason they’re not shooting it down is because it’s too high up to successfully retrieve safely and intact.

  3. That’s surveillance equipment placed on a mobile catwalk.

  4. I’ve been telling people about this for years but no one believed me.

  5. That page has been in that person’a car since Nov 2020.

  6. Interesting, if you Google for aventon abound it brings up a link for an aventon abound seat pad, but it just 404s. Looks like it was listed, and got indexed by Google, then taken down.

  7. All the comments about "almost as good as a cable" are just infuriating.

  8. This here is what I wanted to post. But you simplified it for the OP.

  9. When throwing a grenade, you can see the clip snap and fly off.

  10. Thanks! Didn’t want to break the budget for storage, need to save money for a byte to eat


  12. I do like the Condor but a Blackhawk or Chinook would be amazing.

  13. Your company is limiting your GPU usage. :)

  14. How does Angels loadout crate work with the class changes?

  15. When you access it, you can change your gadgets etc from it. Don’t remember if the load outs are still there.

  16. Does anyone know if they moved the map point (E1 - 128 players) on the mountain closer to the battlefield or did they remove that point all together for the new version of the map?

  17. I got the same, but it was also there prior to the update.

  18. Figured out the issue; in windows, I set the GUI to hardware. After I unselected selecting it in Windows 10, fixed the issue immediately. Hopefully helps you out.

  19. You mean GPU scheduling? Or some other setting?

  20. under Graphic settings in Windows, I have turned on Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling a few days ago. I turned it off, and BF2042 is no longer crashing while playing. All good now.

  21. 3D printer fits in there nicely it seems but don’t know about your girlfriend.

  22. Bed bug!!!!!! I experienced this in a VRBO rental and got bit all over my legs. I had to pack up all my clothes in trash bags and left them outside for 2 days (was 115F outside) then put them in the dryer 2 cycles then washed them to make sure I didn’t bring them into my house. Before I entered my house, I completely stripped down and was sprayed with something. You do not want even 1 of these in your house or it’s impossible to get rid of them.

  23. Yikes.. that sounds like such a hassle but a small price to pay for peace of mind!

  24. Yeah; totally worth it after all the scars on my legs. Other worker that was staying at the same VRBO had them also in his bed and did the same thing I did.

  25. Looks like he also couldn’t wait to deliver it too!

  26. It’s been like this with all delivery apps.

  27. It’s not about having you stop your cat, but how your cat can stop you from stopping them.

  28. The Band-Aids are losing their adhesiveness.

  29. That was very satisfying to watch... my favorite clip was when the space rocket blew up and the helicopter joined in on the chaos.

  30. We really need a better notification that shows people that you are going to revive them. Right now, that message is hidden at the bottom right of the screen. It should be displayed in the middle of the screen so people know you are going to revive them. Also give them the ability to cancel out that revive notification.

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