1. No, the TB mutated so now everyone who gets it becomes a zombie.

  2. I find this conversation to be incredibly tiring but I will say that if you build your identity around 'not being bisexual', don't be surprised when people call out your biphobia.

  3. Poor girl. I hope she rests in peace, away from the awful torment she must have been going through

  4. Your IRL horse is so beautiful. Is it an Arabian gelding or what?

  5. There is birth control that can remove your period and its a lot safer than being malnourished! You just have to experiment to find the kind that works for you.

  6. That’s true. I’m thinking I might go back on the pill then, better than trying to starve to death again.

  7. They'd make tremendous amounts of money if they released it on PC after RDR2's success. Or even better, make a remaster with RDR2's graphics, which would be insanely easy since New Austin already is in RDR2.

  8. It would have to be a remake. From what I know, the code for RDR1 was a disaster and it was a wonder it ran decently on PS3 and XBOX360. That’s why it (allegedly) was never ported to PC.

  9. Gotcha, but it wouldn't hurt for them to test it on PC, and if it's stable then release it.

  10. True. But, to be honest, I think R* (or more accurately, TakeTwo) is more interested in the money printing machine that is the GTA franchise than giving fans of Red Dead anything (example; RDO being abandoned and the lack of Undead Nightmare 2).

  11. Obviously not. You don’t become property when you get married. What is this, the 1800s?

  12. So they make the distinction between female homosexuality (lesbianism) and male homosexuality, but don’t consider the possibility of someone being bisexual 🤔

  13. The stylishness of Dutch and Trelawny is relatively comparable, but it is driven by distinct motivations.

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