1. Sounds like it yes, particularly the part where this sounds like your distressed with it all. I have it too, it sucks.

  2. They get a lot bigger than this. Almost twice as long

  3. I wanted to doubt you but holy **** those are big tigers!!!

  4. Thanks I appreciate the support

  5. Is depression something you suffer from? You need medication if so, I have bipolar and didn't take meds until 24 and it was a mistake they are life saving.

  6. Yea i get depressed quite a lot and suffer from waves of sadness because of my past. I literally came out of a psych ward while back and it took me time to get back on my feet for it to all come back down. Honestly fuck life

  7. Idk some people are just bad people, could be addiction changing her personality either way I would leave asap.

  8. We are separated atm, just now coming to the realization that there’s probably no changing her. It’s tearing me apart, I love her but I don’t think there’s anything I can do to help her

  9. Your right only she can help herself, do you think a therapist could help you?

  10. You should try talking to him about it, so you can get it off your mind. I think you'll find he'll be very supportive of you.

  11. You need to talk to a professional about this for sure, maybe look more into paranoid schizophrenia.

  12. Don't you think that would be a worth while endeavor before ending your life? What ever you have be it MDD or bipolar, they are treatable illnesses. How much is your life worth to you? How many different medications and how many years would you be willing to fight with depression to preserve your own life? These medications are life saving drugs for alot people. NAC is a ln over the counter drug that shows promise as a fast acting antidepressant to reduce the risk of suicide, it works in about a week or two. Ketamine will stop suicidal rumination like magic if you can get it. Magic mushrooms are fantastic as well, maybe look into microdosing and reading the literature on its help with depression. St John's wort is an otc drug that supposed to help depression.

  13. If someone has PTSD, does opening the 3rd eye fucked up their psychology more?

  14. No, your third eye is your imagination. Psychosis may open your 3rd eye because you are forced to confront parts of you that have been otherwise oppressed and see through your minds eye via hallucinations and delusions not the other way around.

  15. Yeah you're not wrong! After my psychosis was said & done and I saw a therapist, my doctor suggested that my experience in 2018 was in fact the overt onset of a DID system. I was 34 yo at the time that it had occurred. I am currently seeking assement and Diagnosis on account of my doctors suggestion. It makes perfect sense, because for the 42 month duration of psychosis I was going by a different name. I still have people in my city who I swear I have never met before, approach me and call me by this other name.

  16. That's pretty scary honestly I hope your OK and doing well. Has therapy helped?

  17. Society doesn't work without the idea of altruism. Sooooo this seems obvious

  18. Can confirm, I'm the source. The source of all knowledge.

  19. When I got on lithium and seroquel, my sexuality became very normal. I wasn’t into extreme sexual stuff I was into, and now I enjoy sex or masturbation 2-3 times a week.

  20. Yes, but I'd reccomend treating your bipolar before working on your hypersexuality. I still have it even with my bipolar managed.

  21. was diagnosed with it a while back, yes, but my psychiatrist moved onto a mixed pd

  22. Ya, that's interesting curious that your actually looking to have a relationship. Mixed with what?

  23. yeah, thats why im not so sure of it, but it was given to me in the uk and the uk mental health care is a huge, huge joke.

  24. Lol I just started to talking to someone else with bpd too lol that makes 3 lol

  25. Ya, I just started doing it too and find it easier than the sludge I would make. I just use water and put it in my mouth and close my mouth and move it to the roof of my mouth a bit so the lump gets coated with water then just swallow it. There's not even a taste usually.

  26. I think there's a chance they could be. Products containing synthetic cathinones appeared in convenience stores early/mid 2000's and legislatively banned in 2011. Might not be, but I'm curious either way.

  27. Ya it's suspicious af, I don't think anything sold as bath salts would be labeled for consumption for obvious reasons, imagine if a kid saw that?

  28. yeah i think that would be best too but it’s still so hard learning to be alone :(

  29. Do you have online friends? Do you play video games?

  30. There's subreddits for finding penpals, I'll be your friend.

  31. How do you use anti psychotics recreationally lmao they’re good only as trip killers

  32. They're commonly accused in prison, seroquel.

  33. Yea, in prison cause they don’t have benzos or more recreational stuff. Also seroquel is probably the most “recreational” anti psychotic out there, i have Risperidone which i use as trip killer but it’s awful lmao you just feel empty and tired as fuck

  34. There's alot of drugs in prison, seroquel gets abused a bit outside prison too

  35. Opioids have been used as antidepressants a long time time ago and are still abused for their ability to numb emotional pain so a red vein in normal doses is preferable.

  36. You are so right about the jerk thing. I’ve never been in a long term relationship but I have dated. And honestly I’m wondering how the fuck do people in relationships even find a good partner. Everyone is awful. Like…honestly how do families even happen?!?


  38. No tips but also looking for answers… I took 3g yesterday morning on an empty stomach then threw up at work, haven’t taken anything this morning but still feeling nauseous. I would guess we need a lil something in our stomach before taking?

  39. Try a swig of pesto bismal it's incredible at what it does.

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