1. Here we go, another one with a job offer in Dublin… being offered 40k, looking at house shares 850 - 1100 a month. That’s reasonable isn’t it? I’m not expecting to save much (already can’t with my far lower salary in the UK) so as long as I’ve got enough to get by I’m happy! I’m just unsure about average take home pay when taxes etc are taken off.

  2. Hey do you have any updates on your situation?

  3. im in the same situation, salary-wise, and looking for a place with this estimated price, but not a easy function.

  4. Hey do you have any updates on your situation?

  5. I disagree with most of these points being major issues.

  6. Do you not think 1+ people dcing every other raid is a problem?

  7. I haven't seen DCs that much, maybe every 3-4 raids, maybe its a bigger issue than I have seen. But either way I would be very surprised if it doesn't get fixed soon.

  8. Hopefully you are right, but also understand that those are compounding issues with each of them leaving a sour taste in most of the playerbase's mouths. Some people can take more than others, some get fed up quicker. Point is that issue by issue, time after time it's draining the population with no real influx of newer players. It's a one way trend.

  9. I truly hope for your sake that you have any financial knowledge and you won't be homeless with all your assets being in crypto.

  10. I'm glad that Timmy on reddit is taken more seriously on the subject of money over ECB.

  11. Sorry that that happened to you. If you still need a vykas run hit me up and we can make a lobby :)

  12. Do you use dark destiny or quick draw on call of destiny after the patch?

  13. That's how clown is right now. It doesn't even matter if you have 2 or 4 set bonus upgrades.

  14. What? There's more supports than dps players looking for parties for clown these days. I'm 1477.5 ilvl, lvl7 gems, no title and can find a lobby in 5-10 minutes max. This is at least in EUC but I heard the same things from friends in NA.

  15. Fuck, realized that on thirst u go 50:50 swift spec or swift crit and on moon you go full spec with either crit or swift (if u run adren) neck.

  16. The ultimate show-off is, Wei on retaliation, timestopping yourself and killing the remaining party members to kill him off by yourself :sunglasses:

  17. Not sure why you are downvoted, this truly is the wei

  18. Wunder goes bot with Hylli. Without typing in chat Upset and Odo agree to only farm top lane. No backs, no buying items, until at lvl 16 they agree to fight each other in the river and the losing team surrenders. This decides who wins the worlds finals

  19. dunno how it is in america but in europe the countries are constantly dissing each other so I don't really see a problem here

  20. Yeah it was a lighthearted joke from both sides, the title: "HORRIBLE REACTION TO A RACIST CHATTER OMG CANCEL ALL OF THEM I WILL CRY"

  21. Game would be perfect if they just put guardian loot in to chaos dungeons. Guardians are boring af, but it feels amazing to kill everything easy with betrayal set.

  22. Highly disagree, wish they would put chaos loot into guardian raids.

  23. Just run adrenaline. It's arguably better than CD unless you have a consistent second crit synergy.

  24. Adrenaline is not good at all with the new build, adrenaline is only okay-ish now because of serendipity, when we switch to four of a kind it becomes super inefficient.

  25. That's incorrect. That would hold true in the context of KR stats + engraving setups, but with our current situation it fares better than CD when you take into account our

  26. Is that 78 after adrenaline or before? That's interesting, jiudau said adrenaline is a viable option but then you run swift on neck, damn that makes the decision even harder. Also gotta consider thats assuming you keep adrenaline up 100% of the time which is not always possible due to cutscenes.

  27. As a Pistoleer main, it shines in chaos dungeons

  28. Numbers can be moved around/changed per piece (eg. you could keep necklace legendary) but you lose the least stats with rings:

  29. How do you do the 4x3+2 with 2 leg rings? Is the +2 class engraving?

  30. thoughts on the karaeren vs shalzuth dps meter?

  31. Especially if all you do is play videogames. No old person at their deathbed has ever said " i wish i played more videogames".

  32. So many salty kids downvoted you cause they can't accept that they are indeed wasting their time. It's a good hobby to spend a few hours per week on, not 10 hours per day.

  33. Yeah wtf are these comments and downvotes

  34. If you join MM you will get random people, that's just how it goes, I'm not saying it's right but make a team if you want people to do exactly what you want them to do.

  35. no offense but thats a terrible take. we should not be ok with toxicity because "thats just how it goes". i dont want those people in my game, get rid of them.

  36. "we should not be ok", alright, sure. What can we do about it? Should someone from AGS be manually reviewing every single report? Or an automated system ban anyone who is reported? Or what is your solution?

  37. The downvotes are so funny, do these people ever go outside and pay attention to the real world around them? They live in some dream reality and list demands and complains like they are solvable in any way.

  38. Well elon musk literally gets into twitter arguments but maybe hes not too well off

  39. Absolutely nothing wrong with arguing, it's the way you do it that says a lot about a person.

  40. Oh no I realized even before I replayed to you that you are a lost cause. I didn't really wanna change your mind more like make a fool out of you.

  41. "Here's why EU's 5-5 is better than NA's 5-5"

  42. Jesus another delusional NA fan. At least most of you can agree at this point that EU and NA are not even close to each other but I'm surprised that people like you still exist. Keep on inhaling mate if it makes you feel better :D.

  43. Why are people down voting you??

  44. I mean he literally said that they offered him to bus with them but he said no. Personally I find busing with friends much more enjoyable and challenging than clearing valtan/vykas with insanely overgeared static for a 10th week in a row.

  45. I'm with the OP. I hate bussing, if my alt is high enough level to enter then she's high enough level to do the raid. Why would I level a character I don't want to actually play?! Bussing for gold? I absolutely despise the whole concept. It encourages RMTing which supports bots, it's giving titles and gear to chars that didn't earn it which makes quality control harder when you're making groups, it seems like the most boring thing ever to me; to pay to NOT play! You can crack out Valtan and Vykas in 40 mins, it's fast and fun!

  46. I think you don't understand that OP and us are talking about bus driving, not buying buses.

  47. Big difference between poor and spending smart.

  48. You just sound really petty man, try to find some other hobbies in life away from reddit and video games :)

  49. Lol you don't know me. I'm chilling in life

  50. In that case maybe you just weren't raised well, doesn't cost anything to be nice to people you know :) I'm glad that you are doing well in life tho.

  51. Gunslingers and their trash rotations.

  52. Crit synergy only lasts long enough for like two skills so you just have to reapply. Also you should always stay in pistol stance whenever you aren’t dpsing in case you need mobility/Crit synergy. Try to save your space bar as much as possible and only use it when needed or need to cancel an animation lock

  53. Does it actually only last long enough for 2 skills even when you apply lvl 5 life absorption?

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