1. Better question would be: do people actually use Safari?

  2. It's pretty reassuring to know that AI generated images still haven't reached the level where they're indistinguishable from real images. All of them except the banana just feel kinda off.

  3. It's not even close to EoE but to each their own. Maybe I'll change my opinion after a rewatch.

  4. Lidi to zase strašně přehánějí. Hlavně záleží, jak se bude chovat v samotné funkci mluvčího prezidenta.

  5. Ray tracing is nice but the main reason I went with Nvidia for my new GPU is DLSS. With frame generation, Nvidia easily outperforms AMD even without RT.

  6. But Amd does have Fsr right ? Or is Dlss that much better ? Because in that case, the combo of Dlls + Rt might sell me.

  7. FSR does only the upscaling part of DLSS. DLSS 3 on 4xxx cards also has frame generation, which can basically double your FPS in some games.

  8. Check your motherboard manual if it has either RGB or ARGB connector. If not, you need a separate controller.

  9. No jo, průměrný volič Babiše ani neví co to ty internety vlastně jsou

  10. Začíná vypadat trochu zoufale lol

  11. I couldn't care less about the story and I just skip all the cutscenes, but I'm staying for the addictive gameplay

  12. You're missing out, the cutscenes are really well animated. It kinda reminds of Into the spiderverse.

  13. They just released the best hack and slash game since DMC5 completely out of the blue lmao

  14. Já, když Andrej v diskuzi řekne doslova cokoliv:

  15. I'm not sure if this is wholesome or incredibly depressing

  16. Of course the servers die just when I come back to the game after almost a year. Guess some things never change.

  17. This feels just like another Abandoned lol

  18. I thought people in the US used Fahrenheit for everything? So what, do you like measure outside temperature in F but PC temps in C?

  19. Tell that to my monkey brain, I just abandon games if they run bad

  20. If games were actually properly optimized like DMC5, no one would have to spend a thousand dollars on a GPU lol

  21. Rockstar is a weird one because even though they're doing a pretty poor job with GTA, RDR2 came out a few years ago and it's honestly a top-tier game.

  22. I went with a 4070 ti and I don't regret it one bit. Even if you don't care about ray tracing, DLSS works wonders. Also depends on the prices where you live, 7900XT is more expensive in my region.

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