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  1. Why are people so bad at the "A fun fact I'm obsessed with" prompt?? 9/10 times, they just write something they like, like "golf on Sundays" or "tacos".

  2. I think they think it means that their love of “golf on Sundays” somehow constitutes as a fun fact

  3. Fume Ultra was good but Lorian's Greatsword was the best PVP Greatsword by a mile

  4. She doesn't even look like she is actively running lol? Looks like she is lifting one leg and pretending to run

  5. Lmao nobody kicks their leg up that far when running, you are absolutely correct she’s just posed what she thinks running would look like

  6. I remember when I took a bullet in Kabul and I only needed 1 estus. Why do I have more vig irl than I do on my level 300 wimp

  7. Honestly if I used a winking face more than 3 times in a day to a stranger I’d have to take a long hard look in the mirror.

  8. I’m not sure I’ve ever winked at someone in real life. I had a client that used to wink at me, and it used to make me so uncomfortable. Some emoji’s or emoticons would be super cringe in real life if we acted them out.

  9. My concern with her is that the guy she is interested in is actually closer in age to her daughter, than he is to her. Obviously a worst-case scenario would be the guy comes out and is attracted to the daughter. hahaha. By the way that stomach tattoo lets you know how crazy she is! Who does that? He hasn’t even gotten out yet! That thing is huge.

  10. That tattoo was how I knew it wasn’t gonna work out. Aside from fate being a hilariously cruel mistress, she’s clearly wayyyyyy too invested in this dude she’s never even met. Recipe for disaster

  11. Ditch the holy damage tree spear for one that scales at least C with dex or faith seeing as they are your higher stats. Also could probably use a good 5-10 levels. Also advice for Morgott would be roll into him to dodge his attacks. The only way you can get a good window to beat him down is by rolling into him and taking advantage of his tiny windows

  12. istandwith being the worst choice when one of the other options is goblin mode shows you how much goblin mode deserves to win

  13. YTA. She’s not just being nosey for the sake of gossiping with her friends. She’s trying to establish if the reason he lives with you and not his parents could possibly be tied to some kind of event that could be affecting his behaviour. Honestly if she wasn’t remotely interested she’d be a bad teacher. You’re lucky he’s being taught by someone willing to actually invest time in finding out about him and improving his general well-being

  14. Honestly the multiplayer is the worst from any of their games. Happy for them though

  15. I love CharDee MacDennis the original and also CharDee MacDennis 2: electric boogaloo. I think it just perfectly encapsulates every character and how they interact with each other

  16. Using a power you were born with to win constitutes defeat?

  17. I mean even after going full cancer super saiyan she still got bailed out by the cleanrot knights and carried away. It’s not really a power more than a country firing off a nuke after somebody else nukes them. Mutually assured destruction isn’t a win. All I’m saying is if she’s never known defeat she must not remember getting absolutely cleared by Radahn who fought on his own and didn’t nuke half the continent just to save face.

  18. Lol, do you think Radahn ordered his soldiers to never lay a hand on Malenia? If so, that would make him about the dumbest General of all time. What happened is that Malenia's Scarlet Aeonia left both of them unconscious/incapacitated and almost entirely decimated Radahn's army, allowing her own soldiers to stab Radahn repeatedly and get Malenia to safety. If the Redmane knights could've finished off Malenia, they certainly would have.

  19. Radahn was kind of honourable tho in the trailer he lets her put her arm on instead of just crushing her head. I just feel like the rot power is the cheapest possible move. It’s like she kicked Radahn and the whole of Caelid in the nuts

  20. How am I level 107 and I’ve never fought a flower boss lmao what

  21. I mean it’s the same with Smouldering Lake or the Nameless King. From love to make beautifully designed areas and are totally content with half the player base never entering them

  22. “I mean I get it was HER daughters birthday but it was MY daughters vacation” lmao YTA

  23. All you have to do is zoom in on her face slightly and it’s clear that she is batshit crazy

  24. One of the biggest fumbles ever. It was a light hearted fun request and you sketched out like she shot at your feet like Goodfellas shouting dance Spider dance

  25. I almost don’t wanna ask but I have to, what is the wall? Sounds like he’s suggesting that some kind of terrible atrocity is going to happen in 2 years and it will be known only as the wall

  26. You’re 23 there’s still time to run and be free of her

  27. Turns out They Don’t Really Care About Us was written about the subterranean shunning grounds

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