Mcprue Apollo ITX 2.0

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  1. I've seen worse Netflix originals. It was ok. Still think it needed the freedom to be its own thing rather than a strict remake but life will go on.

  2. I take it you're not worried about snow and ice. Where I live that thing would be knocked down in no time. Or are you just using that for positioning before mounting it properly?

  3. Hahaha yeah its for positioning before a permanent mount. Ill do a temporary cable run and adjust positions a few times i expect. Once happy I'll get someone to run some proper cabling and mounting.

  4. Awesome! I'm interested in doing a mini itx build for my next gaming PC (upgrading from my 10+ year old one) and most of the reviews pointed to this case as the go to one. I just bought it from this deal, hopefully it'll arrive in a few weeks and I can put my build together. I think the case looks really nice too, I don't like RGB that much and I never got into the "gamer" gaming PC look.

  5. Zip tie your AIO tubes together. Then reach through the GPU side and pull the slack over into the GPU chamber. Your PSU power plug should sit between the 2 tubes. Had some issues with this myself till I finally got it to work. Hope it helps OP.

  6. Here’s your coat mate, taxi’s on the way. Don’t worry, I’ll get these…

  7. Leftfield - the entire leftism album is peerless but this

  8. Wish i could give you more than just one up vote

  9. Disconnect everything. Unplug the NTD from the mains power. Wait 10mins(maybe 30 to br safe) then plug the NTD back into power.Wait for the green lights to stabilise.

  10. Jesus wept isn't the salt content of that stuff through the roof? Is it fluffy or crystalline, apologies i can't quite tell from the pictures.

  11. Sorry dude the flex mini switch only receives power. It doesn't provide it to connected devices.

  12. I still have an open ticket with them. It's been ongoing since Oct 21st, 2022.

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