1. Ooh interesting combo! I was going to suggest Arcana Wildcraft's Glittering Lavender but I see you already found that ;) Here are some others I found with lavender and mint. Not as much luck with teatree!

  2. I don’t know what you’re talking about. However, can we please talk about brook’s flexibility, Nea’s acting, Vivie’s tap dancing, Kilani’s grace, Brinn’s abilities and Kendahl’s ability to turn please? Then perhaps I’d like to talk about JoeJoe’s success.

  3. I'm fair/light, neutral leaning warm, and seconding the rec for Friend of Flowers! It looks so soft and natural and is really effortless to apply (I use the Real Techniques blush brush). I went with sample jars, usually I'll just briefly turn the jar upside down before opening it and then touch my brush to the powder that's on the inside of the lid. That helps with not picking up too much in one go - you only need a really tiny bit!

  4. thank you! i'm def going to go with friend of flower

  5. I'm really close to your skin tone. From Crow & Pebble, I've only tried Cygnus and Cerridwen. Cerridwen is too ashy for me, but it can work with a bluer palette. Cygnus is really pretty and works for most looks, but it's a tad bit light. Cygnus is like a shimmery version of my all time favorite, BellaPierre Desert Rose. When I run out of that, I'll have to try the other shades recommended in the comments.

  6. ooh thank you! i think i'm going with their plastic baggies then ^^

  7. i had a fruity perfume that was lovely and fresh, but became oddly plastic during my period, and remained that way afterwards.

  8. first day of new semester! i was late for my first class, and my last class of the day suddenly became in-person, but overall it's been pretty good.

  9. i dont have any recommendations but i imagine a seven-inspired perfume would have sweet tea, lemonade, fresh wildflowers, sun warmed grass, and hay

  10. I don't know if this will do it for you, but Death and Floral has a something inspired by that song if you're interested - Scream ferociously (Orange blossoms and fierce summer lemonade, blended with green leaves and black tea)

  11. If I stop talking to someone it's because I'm getting one word answers and it seems like they don't want to talk to me. I don't talk to people who don't wanna talk to me.

  12. Yeah agree, or make any effort to carry the conversation with me. If they initiate I would answer them but otherwise I won’t initiate

  13. Pot stickers or tamales are good group cooking projects.

  14. i like strawberry boo's lotions, they are very unique in texture. i have their fairy bread body butter, and it's super fluffy but it melts and feels like an oil.

  15. i have at least 100 samples/full sizes (added most of them in a spreadsheet), but they live in disorganized little jewelry bags around my apartment.

  16. Honestly, I spent like 5 minutes with my cat in the shelter. She was sleepy but awake enough to rub her chin against my hand, and purred happily. Cats were being adopted like hot cakes so I had to make a decision fast.

  17. Honestly, I spent like 5 minutes with my cat in the shelter. She was sleepy but awake enough to rub her chin against my hand, and purred happily.

  18. The same thing happened when I accidentally swing my pickaxe at her, I was terrified that I actually killed my cat

  19. It took me seeing this comment to realize Eve’s name is Steve Jobs without the St

  20. I have Bollywood Sorcery, and I really like it. I have medium toned olive skin, and most translucent powders have too much white in them for me. This has a really nice texture, and leaves me a little glowy. The sample size was enough for me to figure out how to use it (not like regular face powder lol), and I did repurchase.

  21. Wait, how do you use it? We have pretty similar skin tones

  22. I only have Hollywood Sorcery of their non-eyeshadow, non-highlighter powders. It's a really nice texture, but a bit too much color for what I was looking for. It has a very subtle, neutral tint that actually matches my skin tone, it's just a bit too dark - the only foundation I use regularly is Fenty Eaze Drop in #2 if that helps. I use Hollywood Sorcery as a transition shade for higher-impact eyeshadow and really like it for that because it blends excellently.

  23. Thank you for your review! It looks like it matches my skin tone as well haha. How was the shimmer in it?

  24. Milano Hi tech-blush in 24 Rame Also Milano blush in Luminous is somewhat similar.

  25. Prompted by this post, I remembered that I had wanted to get more hair mists and bath melts a couple of months ago, but the store was temporarily closed.

  26. What scents did you get? I just ordered a Key Lime Pie hair mist!

  27. So I got hair mists in Krampus and Tiramisu, and bath melts in White Birch, Trinity, Sugared Spruce, Rum & Raisin, & Cardamom & Cedar. I am excited for some non-gourmand options for the bath melts. :)

  28. Ooh, sounds like a great variety of scents! How are the bath melts in general?

  29. LOL I was just about to tag this person! I love how this community is always watching out for each other's requests.

  30. if i wonder if they made it specifically because of their post?

  31. I didn't, but I was tempted to comment on that post because I only learned about Persian Love Cake recently when I was researching what sorts of desserts I wanted to try to make scents based on (=

  32. I really like Rituel de Fille for this type of makeup look. The ethereal veil is a nice light cream base, and their multi-use creams are perfect for a wash of color. I love the thorn oil also for skincare. I just ordered the the thorn milk hydrating skin mist - I’m excited to try it, because the the oil version is awesome.

  33. i know this is a late reply, but your cat looked very similar to mine! she had a brother who was adopted before her.

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